What is nail yellowing? Home Yellowing Treatment

Having well-groomed hands and fingernails is a dream of many. But for various reasons, we can get away from these well-groomed hands. Nail yellowing is one of these problems. The problem of nail yellowing, which can occur for many different reasons, can lead to a bad appearance.

So what are the reasons for nail yellowing and how is it destroyed?

The most common cause of nail yellowing is that it is neglected. If you apply nail polish too often and cause the nail polish to remain on your nails for a long time, you can see that your nails are yellow when you remove them. Because long-lasting nail polish prevents your nails from breathing and causes yellowing. If you are exposed to various chemicals such as household cleaning products as well as nail polish, your nails may turn yellow. In addition to these external factors, some nail yellowing problems may also occur due to lung diseases, cigarette consumption, unhealthy diet, fungal infection. You can get rid of nail yellowing with natural recipes that you can apply at home. If your methods do not work, you should contact your doctor to find out the underlying cause.

Nail Yellowing Solution

Squeeze a lemon in a container and then leave your nails in this container for about 15-20 minutes. Once your nails have softened, gently scrape the top layer of your nail with a nail file. In this way, the yellowing part will disappear and your white fingernail will appear. You can then rinse your hands and apply your nail moisturizer.

After mixing a teaspoon of yogurt and a teaspoon of carbonate in a container, you can get rid of the jaundice in your nails by rubbing your nails with this mixture. Carbonate is one of the most ideal materials used to whiten nails.

To avoid nail yellowing in the long run, you should not use cheap nail polishes. You should not keep quality nail polish on your nails for a long time. It is useful to let your nails clean and breathe during the days you spend at home. You can also prevent nail yellowing by using nail nourishing creams with vitamin E. Acetones you use may also damage your nails. Instead of chemical-containing, perfume-scented acetones, acetone contains more ingredients to feed your nails. You can also use base nail polish to protect your fingernail before applying nail polish. In this way, you can protect your nails against the effects of nail polish.

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