Weird Bangs: How to Cut Them Yourself in 2021?

Bangs look very elegant and feminine. Divisible by two at an angle or without remainder – these bangs beautifully accentuate the face and give every haircut a special charm. In this fee, you will learn how to trim sloping bangs. Below you will find a few tips in favor of the styling of straight bangs and the so-called curtain bangs. Keep your lecture!


Quite hairstyles with bangs impress with their romantic and stylish look, but they need regular maintenance. Since human hair grows an average of 1 cm per month, these bangs can quickly get too wide. And you don’t always have time to go to the hairdresser together. The solution to the problem is to try to cut this yourself. But that can quickly go wrong if you are not properly prepared in favor of the commitment. As promised, we’re going to show you how to cut, pour, and style your bangs like a pro.

Here an oblique pony is preferred by more and more women because it looks more interesting and unusual like this classic bangs that can be divided by two. Which oblique bangs accentuate the shape of the face in a beautiful way, from this point of view it is advisable to have this cut together with an experienced hairdresser. Trimming the pony at home if it gets too wide is not particularly complicated, and we will show you how to do it at walking pace in favor of walking pace.


First, it is necessary to buy quality hair clippers. The stone that you use around the house or the nail scissors are imprecise for cutting a pony because they pull the ends of the hair and don’t cut them off slippery. In the same way, it is important to comb your hair well in front. Furthermore, there is a risk that this pony will be too short-lived. After combing, loosen the wool with your fingers so that it falls as naturally as possible.


Before you start cutting, use the comb to make a side parting. Pin back the part of that pony hair that you don’t want to cut with hair clips. You can also tie the rest of your hair with clips or a hair tie so that it does not disturb you. Make sure that there is enough space to the pupil when cutting, and that your posture is easily divisible by two. First of all, you create a cut at this shortest and at this longest part of the pony – they will serve you as a guide. Here you should always keep the stones vertical and never horizontal! Make only small bitches so that you don’t cut off too much wool once. Then slowly cut a straight line from the shortest to the longest part of the pony. Shake the bangs to see the hair flip back. In case this is still too far, repeat the steps.


Trimming unifying straight bangs is even easier. This time, start from this center point of the pony, non … you take a small strand between your index and middle finger. Now, as if lubricated, cut the hair under the finger. Here you should again work in small steps … and cut lightly at an angle from below to avoid hard edges. Here you could not cut the bangs to the same length and leave the side strands a little longer so that they border your face nicely.


Styling curtain bangs is a bit more difficult and it is necessary to have some experience while cutting bangs. Start, non … you pull a middle part into your hair and dissect the front section. Begin at the height of these eyebrows, but not … shorten small, approximately 1 cm wide strands. Here the innermost one has to be the shortest, the next one about 1 cm longer, etc. The curtain bangs should be about 5 cm wide on each side. When the steps are already finished, comb the curtain bangs down and try to create smooth transitions with this stone.



You can find more tips on pony trimming here!

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