Turquoise Hair From Flashy and Extravagant to Delicate and Feminine

Turquoise hair is one of the trends in hair styling that is becoming more and more popular today – not only among young, but also among mature women. Turquoise blue hair color is very multi-faceted and can range from very extravagant to stylish and even appear delicate and subtle – this is exactly the diversity we are trying to show you in this article! Here you will find everything about the trendy hair color and we hope that our ideas will inspire you to opt for a bold turquoise blue hairstyle. Have fun while reading!


Turquoise blue is reminiscent of the ocean or the crystal clear sky. For this reason, the color is traditionally associated with harmony, calm and freedom. That makes turquoise hair just perfect for freedom-loving women who strive for harmony and perfection. A huge number of different tints are possible, and the color can range from bright and intense to pastel and gentle – depending on your personal preferences and of course skin tone and eye color. Actually, the color goes best with a pale skin tone and the lightest possible eyes. The natural brunettes shouldn’t do without this – the blue strands with several shades, combined with other dark shades such as purple, can create a harmonious transition between the warm skin tone and the cool-looking turquoise blue. You can of course do the coloring or tinting yourself (we explain how below), but if you want a professional result, we recommend that you go to an experienced hairdresser. The pastel blue nuances, which can give you a really fabulous look, are particularly popular today – examples of this can be found under our photos.


It is not impossible to dye yourself amazing turquoise hair at home, there are just a few simple rules to follow. First, you should know that the blue color doesn’t last long. This is actually the biggest disadvantage of turquoise hair (besides the fact that it can be unsuitable for professional reasons) and is due to the fact that it is an artificial color pigment that does not hold well in the hair – the same is that Case in point, for example, with the pink hair, which is also a real hit at the moment. You can buy a blue dye from the drugstore – such products are offered by “Directions”, “Manic Panic” or “Pinky Colors”, for example. The result could differ a little from your expectations because it also depends on your hair structure. In principle, the lighter the starting color, the more beautiful and intense the turquoise color will be. This is why some ladies choose to lighten their mane once or twice before coloring. We should advise you against this if your hair is currently damaged because bleaching will damage it further. Better to do a hair conditioner and be patient until your mane is healthy and shiny again. Before coloring, we also recommend that you wash your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo to rid it of silicone – this will keep the blue color longer.


Under our photos you will find great ideas for hairstyles and tints that you could try for yourself. It is not necessary to dye your mane completely turquoise – you can also try an ombre or balayage variant. If you are still in doubt that the turquoise blue hair color will look good on you, you could first try it with grafitti hairspray or hair mascara in turquoise. The result holds up a shampoo and is actually best on blonde hair. This is also a good choice if you want an eye-catching hairstyle for special occasions, such as New Years Eve, Halloween, etc.

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