Trend Alert: Marbel Lips are the Focus

The full, beautifully colored lips are the epitome of femininity but also of seduction. From nude tones to the real classic – red lipstick, to dark colors, the lipstick palette offers a vast number of possibilities. Nowadays, however, the focus is on something completely different and unusual – the Marbel lips. This beautiful work of art charms the women and wins their love very quickly. The Marbel look is worthy of Vogue magazine covers and the catwalk. If you like this bold look, then take a look at our instructions and give your lips this brilliant marble effect with little effort. You can also collect a lot of great marble makeup ideas in the post and enjoy them to the fullest.


The marble is mostly used in interior and exterior design. The marble pattern can now not only be found in the kitchen, but also on the nails. Recently, the marble trend was also carried over to the lips. For some time now, many photos of beautiful-looking lips with a marble effect have been circulating on Pinterest and Instagram. Creating this effect yourself is easier than it seems. We have detailed instructions for everyone who is impatient to make an eye-catcher for the next party.


What do you need to create the marble effect on your lips?

  • Foundation: lipstick in white
  • Dark lipsticks – black, gray
  • Light lipstick – blue
  • Lip balm
  • lip gloss
  • Brush – thick, thin, fan brush
  • Manual:

First, apply the white lipstick on your lips. Apply two or three coats of lipstick to create a thick coating.
Next, use the fan brush to paint cracky blue lines on your lips. Depending on the thickness of the lips, about 4-5 light blue strokes are enough, so that in the end the design doesn’t look too dark.
Now use the thin brush to paint cracky, thin lines in gray to mimic the marble effect. Then run these gray strokes with a thicker brush.
Then paint cracky, thin lines in black using a thin brush.
Finally, paint a few strokes in light blue with the thick brush. Don’t panic if some lines don’t look nice because the marble is never perfect.
You can apply lip gloss to your taste for more sparkle, but those who are a fan of the matte design can leave their lips without lip gloss.



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