Top 10 Current Hair Colors Trends For Women

Hair color trends change with the weather, and there are always new hair dyeing techniques to achieve more vibrant, natural-looking and longer-lasting color treatments. At one point, less than 10% of women’s hair stained. Today, more than 75% of adult women dye their hair. Some opt for an allover color, others for partial highlights, balayage, etc.

Regardless, a new color can refresh and enhance your existing haircut and style while flattering your face and helping you keep up with modern trends. Check out the pictures below to explore ten of the latest hottest hair color trends, from bright, fun colors to more neutral, natural-looking hues.

1. Turquoise Highlights with Electric Blue Ends

Blue is an ultra-trendy hair color, but it’s a shade that’s hard to pull off without looking a bit silly. This multi-dimensional hair color manages to look vibrant blue while maintaining a subtle, flattering finish. This hair color is characterized by turquoise and blue-green accents, which are combined with a deeper navy blue and black base. Electric blue ends add a touch of ultra-bright color that still looks elegant and consistent.

A smooth, shiny straight-line style is super flattering hair color because it effortlessly brings out all the different colors that make up this multi-dimensional blue style.

2. Blond with Dirty Blonde Balayage

Many women dream of blond hair – hello, blond ambition! – but it can be very difficult to get really fair blond hair that looks natural if you are not actually a natural blonde.

This hair color blends hand-painted, dirty, blonde balayage into light blond strands to create a more natural, light blond style. It is low maintenance and masters root growth elegantly without you having to walk to the salon every two weeks for a makeover.

3. Cool white blonde with honey-blonde reflections and deep natural roots

Cool blonde is currently an ultra-trendy hair color, but it can be difficult to peel strong white blonde everywhere without washing the skin or creating a style that looks completely unnatural.

This style has cool, white, blonde ends and a honey-blond mix that sits higher on your hair shaft, giving it a more natural look. Deeper roots provide a more natural style and promote root growth over time.

4. Deep Auburn with warm ginger balayage

If you want a touch of red in your hair, but do not want to deal with the high maintenance effort that comes with a continuous red color, you should do so Hair color is perfect for you.It has a deep maroon base with hand-painted warm ginger balayage. The brighter balayage is heavier at the front to add light to your face and accentuate the warmth of this unique hair color.

5. Natural honey blonde with subtle ombré

This honey blonde hair looks natural, even if you’re not a natural blonde.In fact, it’s a very subtle ombré with a dirty-blond shadowy root that blends seamlessly into warm honey blond and bright blond at the ends.

6. Honey Blonde with White Blonde highlights and shadow root

This hair color blends white blonde accents into warm honey blond for extra brightness and a true blond finish.A darker brown shade root gives this blond hair color a more natural look and allows an elegant regrowth of the roots. It gives this unique, blonde mixed color an extra dimension.

7. Rose gold with millennial pink roots

Pink is another trendy hair color That’s difficult to pull off with desirable results, but this hair color shows how to get pink done right.This hair color is multi-dimensional and combines rose gold-colored tips with deeper millennial pink roots for a harmonious finish. It is extremely fun and effortlessly flatters a variety of skin tones.

8. Silver lavender with natural shades root

This unique hair color blends silver with cool lavender for a modern, ultra-stylish look. It also has a natural, deep shadow root that gives this color dimension and a natural finish.This hair color has a lot of modern flair and fits best to edgy haircuts as in the picture above.

9. Silver with gray shadow root

This hair color is bright, real silver with a deeper gray shadow root that creates a more natural look and allows for more elegant regrowth of the roots.Wavy and curly styles complemented

10. Everywhere cool white blonde

Real cool white blond is a hard-to-peel color, but this hair color captures the beauty of all-around cool blonde perfectly when done right.If you choose to turn white-blonde everywhere, consider investing in a purple shampoo and possibly other neutralizing hair products for cool blondes to prevent oxidation and keep your cool blonde cool.


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