Tontouring – Contouring Your Face With a Self-Tanner 2021

Probably all women know what contouring is. In contrast, have you ever heard of sound touring? In this membership fee we tell you the whole thing about this new beauty trend, living where you contour your face with a self-tanner. You will also find an instruction manual below on how you can do this yourself at home. Hopefully you will find our ideas interesting and helpful! Have fun with your lecture!


Contouring with a self-tanner? First, this might sound strange. But which new tone touring trend in 2021 is exactly this – to shade and model yourself with a long-lasting self-tanner. The technology was faked by Marissa Carter, who is the founder of a line of self-tanners. The advantages are on which hand: You shouldn’t get up every morning to get this face with the contourer in shape. Tonouring is more time-saving and does not have to be constantly made up. But which new beauty trend has few disadvantages? How do you contour your face with a self-tanner and which products are most suitable for this purpose? Comment on them and other important issues you knowledgeably in the commitment below. Keep your lecture!


Let yourself be inspired and replace your contouring products with a creamy self-tanner! As mentioned above, this not only saves you hardship and time, but your face will also have a beautiful complexion. But if you don’t have a fresh self-tanner, you might remember a few problems such as which unwanted orange tinge, the oily bill and the streaks. How can this be avoided? The feedback is simple – you should find a product with which you have had good experience and which you can trust yourself. Of course, this must be done by your skin type. In addition, there are now oil-free self-tanners that will not make your sausage skin look greasy and only give you a light golden shimmer. Sounds great when it’s lubricated, doesn’t it?


In the event that you are one of the brave ladies who want to try this tone touring for themselves, read our operating instructions! With this it only consists of non … steps that you can easily imitate. You only need two shades of a self-tanner of your choice – a lighter and a darker one, as well as a medium-sized foundation brush. Start, non … you entrust the lighter shade of self-tanner on your face to your cousin to create a light shimmer in your complexion. Then let this product handle well every hour or so. Now you can go for the darker shade. Take a suitable, medium-sized foundation brush and apply the self-tanner on your cheekbones, under the tip of your nose, and on the edges of the bridge of your nose. Then let this product handle every few minutes.

Next, you should blend the self-tanner with your fingers and gently pat it into the sausage skin. With this it is most important that you avoid strong contrasts and hard edges. At the finale, your complexion should look natural and lively. And if you are of the opinion that you have already achieved this after-effect, you are already done with the sound touring! And if you are still satisfied with the result the next morning, you have the whole thing well done! The shelf life depends of course on the products you use – a few last 2-3 days, but there are high-quality waterproof beauty care products with the help of which you can look forward to this result even every 5-6 days. In every situation, the variant is, on the other hand, longer-lasting compared to classic contouring.

As already mentioned, this sound touring is becoming more and more common. This new beauty trend has many fans among the stars – for example Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner. Just in case you notice that the darker self-tanner looks ridiculous – like dark streaks on your face, apply foundation over it like a smear. If you blend them well, the result will look great! At the end of the day, we have a great video instruction manual for each audio touring, which you can reproduce.


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