These are the Most Important Tights Trends in Winter 2021

Tights in your belongings and trouble-free in autumn and winter – at least if you don’t want to do without skirts and dresses in which cold season.

But tights are no longer just practical accessories that protect us from cold temperatures. In the meantime, tights have become absolute fashion pieces that make them look really exciting. And on top of that, they give the legs a seldom beautiful and even shape.

Do you want to know which tights are totally hip this season? Then forward here!

Fine tights are the trend in winter 2021These are the Most Important Tights Trends in Winter

Black tights always move smoothly and will therefore remain a trend in winter 2021. But the dark tights have now been given an exciting update: They rarely come from there well and transparently this season. Means: The tights should have a maximum of 20 DEN. The pieces do not really keep you warm, but the legs come into their own.

Styling tip: That fine substance which hosiery harmonizes perfectly with coarse knitwear, Manchester, velvet or cozy Plush.Also choose a sheer tights with a matt cut. Shiny models often make the legs look wider than they are.Shop black tights with 20 DEN here between Hunkemöller

Winter trend 2021: tights with laceThese are the Most Important Tights Trends in Winter 2021

If plain black hosiery is too deadly for you, the next tights trend comes to your attention. This winter, fashion professionals are again increasingly using tights with lace adornment directed towards the sky. They put the legs in the spotlight and go perfectly with exciting evening looks, for example in combination with a black blazer dress or with paperbag shorts, oversize blazers and pumps.

On the other hand, if already in the yoke, the top models provide eye-catching moments. We then prefer to style the trend tights with rough motorcyclist boots and a knitted dress in midi length.

Important when styling: Since lace tights are obvious enough, the rest of the things should be as simple as possible. In other words: if you look skywards, you do without further samples or bright colors. The tights for the cosmos-over look look most elegant in black.These are the Most Important Tights Trends in Winter 20

Fishnet tights will remain popular in winter 2020/21

It gets even more extravagant with this tights trend: fishnet tights. They were very popular a few years ago and were best worn under destroyed denim. This winter season, fashion professionals have turned skyward models with a small-meshed net structure that look much more stylish than their coarse counterparts. (There is such an archetype here between carbon & amp; A *)

This is how it is worn: So that fishnet tights do not look inexpensive, they should not be styled skywards in combination with short mini skirts, extremely wide-cut tops or clothing made of vinyl and leather. It becomes suitable for everyday use with casual oversize sweaters, wool dresses, midi skirts and cool boots.These are the Most Important Tights Trends in Winter 21

If you like, you can also wear thin sheer tights under which fishnet tights. This makes the entire look look more elegant.

Extremely Popular: Tights With Animal Print
Clothing with animal prints has become an indispensable part of fashion. Whether blouses with a snake pattern, pants with zebra stripes or accessories in a tiger look – fashion-conscious women wear the animal patterns up and down. And if before the winter accessory par excellence, which pantyhose, which popular print doesn’t stop there.
Furthermore, the following applies here: When it comes to styling, less is more. The animal tights harmonize best with plain-colored looks in black, brown or fawn. On the other hand, other product samples are taboo, as a result of which which look quickly looks ornate aus.




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