These are The 3 Most Beautiful Hair Color Trends in Autumn 2021

Not only did we look forward to the cuddly fashion trends permission in autumn. Second fiddle when it comes to hair colors, the new season has a lot to open up. Second violin you are tired of your summer mane? Then here comes the perfect inspiration for fresh, new looks: We’ll show you the top 3 hair color trends for autumn 2020!

Trouble-Free to Bite Into: Toffee Tones are in Vogue

Hardly a season is better for warm hair colors than this autumn. The perfect opportunity to make a faded blonde or dull brown with delicate highlights and golden reflections shine again.

Soft toffee and caramel tones are all the rage this fall. And the best thing: Both in the context of light and dark natural hair, the entire mane does not have to be over-dyed. This hair color trend succeeds with just a few fine strands in warm nuances. The delicate highlights immediately give the mat a varied contrast and give it more depth overall.

Our tip: Inverstier after tinting or coloring in a pomp spray that you use after washing your hair. The extra portion of pomp makes the strands always look alive from the hairdresser and makes the trend look an eye-catcher.

Back to Naturalness: Shadow Roots are in

Do you want to spare your mat and take a break from dyeing? Then there has never been a better time than now. Because: A tarry approach is one of the top hair color trends this fall. “Shadow Roots” is the name of this natural look and is particularly popular in connection with dark blonde tones.

Whether this undertone is cool and ashy or cuddly and warm doesn’t matter in the context of this trend. It is only important that the color of the hairline that has grown out does not differ too much from this color in terms of length. Together with too harsh a contrast between approach and tips, this gradient can be softened with a few highlights.

More Pomp, Rogation: Glossing Remains a Trend

A trend from the warm season, which we will keep in autumn, is glossing. This treatment at the hairdresser’s had some real hype some time ago and is still extremely popular afterwards. The application works in the same way as in the context of an intensive treatment: This glossing is applied to the mat by the hairdresser and then rinsed out again after a certain exposure time.

The idiom: unlike a coloration, the glossing does not penetrate the hair structure. The use is therefore much gentler, but still lets the hair color shine in a fresh, new splendor. Above all, rich colors such as dark brown or black, which are faded in small amounts by the sun in the warm season, benefit from glossing.

A great look for those who are satisfied with their hair color and want to make those look healthier again in autumn.   


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