Super Cute Bob Hairstyles for Short Hair and Medium Hair 2020

The idea of ​​getting a bob for the first time is exciting. You did your research, you got the cut, and despite all the research, you’re now stuck. What do you do with styling? You are bored of simply rolling or smoothing it. Fortunately, there are some super cute bob hairstyles here that give you some stress from your back.

A length Shoulder Bob HairstyleA length Shoulder Bob Hairstyle

Medium hairstyle ideas for summer – the straight mob. This is one of the easiest bobs out there. It’s essentially the same as a medium shoulder-length haircut, all one length. The most you have to do is go through a flat iron for a few minutes if your hair isn’t perfectly straight. Add some shine spray for shine.

Long Angled BobLong Angled Bob

This chic long angled bob is perfect for large or small trips and professional shots. It’s a two-in-one style as far as the settings go. The short side swept bangs give a youthful and fun mood.

Chunky Highlights – Cute Short Bob Haircut With HighligtChunky Highlights - Cute short bob haircut with highlight

Get these chunky highlights for your new bob cut. Ask about blonde if you have brown hair and align it more towards the front to thin out when they come back.

Outward Curls – Soft, Wavy Bob Cut for the DateOutward Curls - Soft, Wavy Bob Cut for the Date

Looking for a cute and simple look for your first date? Grab a one-inch curling and give your locks some curls. But instead of rolling inwards, you bend outwards. It’s a little bit more unique than the typical way. They’ll also be a little more off your face. This is a great medium hairstyle for thick hair.

Brunette for Short Hair – Chic Messy Bob CutBrunette for Short Hair - Chic Messy Bob Cut

Blondes are more fun, but for winter, you might want to try darkening a bit to spice things up. Add lots of layers so you can get tiny sections with tight curls and add hairspray. Give an extra inch in length to a section that’s one inch wide on each side for a little fun.

Color Melting BobColor Melting Bob

Add a color melting technique to your bob. Color-melting highlights are three or more colors that blend seamlessly into a look. If you need color inspiration, this color is gray, beige and purple.

Inverted Bob With a Longer FrontInverted Bob With a Longer Front

Sometimes you can’t let go of the length. Guess what? You don’t have to anyway. With an inverted bob in the back, leave an inch or two in the front an inch or two longer. It’s fun and gives you a bit more space when it comes to styling. Don’t forget to ask your stylist about the sides and back of the head to determine the definition and volume.

Ombre Messy Bob for African American LadiesOmbre Messy Bob for African American Ladies

Curls can appear in different ways. Many curls start from the top down. However, this starts in the middle and goes down. But they look more like waves than typical curls. You can achieve this look with a crimp-type tool. Or use a flat iron to make curls instead of a curling iron for a sharper shape.

Waterfall Braid Bob Hairstyle for GirlsWaterfall Braid Bob Hairstyle for Girls

If you can no longer work with your style after curling, there is no need to add a braid! A waterfall braid acts as a cute headband, but costs nothing or has to go to H&M if you’d rather watch Netflix all day.

Stacked Bob Hairstyle for Short HairStacked Bob Hairstyle for Short Hair

Short Hairstyles 2020: It’s time to state in your two-year contract that your straight hair was on. What do you want to upgrade to? Maybe it’s time to upgrade to the stacked bob for the next two years. This automatically turns flat, boring hair into a cut with definition and volume. Add choppy layers to the side-swept pops to give them a flirty feel.

Long Low Stacked Bob – Fashionable PraiseShoulder Bob Hairstyle

This looks like an a-line, but due to the low stacking, it’s actually a stacked bob. This is a great cut for those of you who have considered a bob but don’t have the confidence to go so short. The long length in the front gives the illusion that your hair is still long so you don’t have to worry much.

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