Sun Protection: Helpful Tips for Skin Care in Summer

Sun protection is unavoidable in the warm season and here you can do whatever on the subject! Below we give you many useful tips on how to choose the right care products depending on your skin type to avoid sunburn. We hope that our advice will be of help to you, and we wish you an unforgettable warm season!


In the warm season we are often exposed to the strong sunshine. Regardless of whether you prefer the mountains or the beach during your holiday, sun protection creams and sprays are essential. Especially in connection with a seaside holiday, if you like to lie in the sun or spend a lot of postponing payment periods in the water, it is important to find the right sun protection. The sun protection products not only help to protect against sunburn, dehydration and premature skin aging. They also protect your sausage skin from harmful UVA and UVB. The UVA rays can penetrate very deeply into the skin cells. Aside from that, you promote free radical literacy and can trigger sun allergies. The UVB rays penetrate into the epidermis and are responsible for the beautifully tanned complexion. But they can also cause sunburn and even skin cancer because they chop up DNA in a straight line.


Perhaps you have heard that sunscreen should be selected based on your skin type. There are a total of 4 skin types, which are decided depending on the melanin content. In this case, each sausage skin also has its own protection time, during which it can be exposed to solar radiation without protection. Which time is individually relatively short – usually between 5 and 15 minutes. All sun protection products have a sun protection factor – SPF (SPF from English), which indicates how much you can be exposed to the sun’s rays after you have applied this product. This optimal sun protection factor is different for each skin type – you will find detailed information on this below.


To type I, to be owned by the people with blue and green eyes and very light sausage skin, which is particularly filigree against the sun. This is the so-called “Celtic type” who burns really quickly and should use sunscreen with an SPF no lower than 50.

Type II no longer includes those who have a light sausage skin, brown, blue or gray eyes, and blonde or light brown hair. Which folks are tanning slowly and are very unsure of being linked to sunburn. Sunscreens with an SPF between 30 and 50 are recommended for each.

Type III has dark blonde to brown hair and a light brown complexion. This applies as it were like that Central European normal case – according to scientific research, about 79 BC. H. that nation of Europe it features. People with this skin type get a wonderful brown complexion, but are also exposed to the risk of sunburn. In this respect, you should use care products with an SPF of 15 to 25.Type IV is qua Mediterranean – they have dark hair and eyes and have an olive-colored complexion. Since they brown quickly and burn quite rarely, an SPF of 6 to 10 is sufficient.

The maximum time in that sun is calculated according to the calculation: self-protection time (between 5 and 15 minutes) x SPF. In this case, the time of day also plays a very important role – the harmful UV rays are strongest in the afternoon.


The following parts of the body are most exposed to the sun, so you shouldn’t forget to apply lotion: protruding part, forehead, cleavage, ears, neck, shoulders, instep. In principle, 3 tablespoons of sun cream for the whole body is appropriate. During your seaside vacation, we recommend that you opt for a waterproof sunscreen. And if your sausage skin tends to be dry, use moisturizing products – preferably those with aloe vera or with a water-gel structure. Also, don’t forget to drink as much water as possible to avoid dehydration. You should not neglect the lips and manicure in the warm season – use hand cream and combine moisturizing lip balm.


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