Short hair tips and care for short hair

The short haircut is a symbol of the courage of women who have gone out of all forms and pushed aside the ”Woman must have long hair gelen discourse. Women with short hair can have a pretty look with very simple touches to their hair. Short hair does not require less care, just as women with long hair care about hair care, women with short hair should care about hair. This is not related to whether the hair is long or short, but how you feel when your hair is well-groomed. Short hairstyles are generally preferred by oval and triangular faced women. In addition, women with a slightly larger face shape prefer blunt or bob hairstyles.

Care for women with
short hair Care for short hair is as important as care for long hair. Using dye will damage your hair in both haircuts. However, since it directly affects the bottom of the hair in short hair, it can damage your hair more compared to long hair. Similarly, women with short hair should avoid excessive use of gel in order to get their hair properly done. Otherwise, the use of excessive gel and dye weakens the hair bottoms, reduces the durability of your hair and causes them to fall out more quickly. 
Women with short hair should not be concerned about how they can use their hair in various ways in daily life. You can give different shapes to your hair.

Starting the Day Making a Difference: Alternatives to Short Hair

Using the same hairstyle every day may cause you to find yourself feeling negative after a while. Your hair is short and you need innovation? If so, women with short hair can consider the following alternative suggestions that they can easily implement at home.

You can try the “pixie” model, which has a distinctive atmosphere among short hairstyles. It is a model that eliminates the worry of styling your hair with its unique cut.

  • You can straighten your short hair using a little jelly and create your own style and start the day. Beautiful and well-groomed hair will ensure a pleasant weather all day long.
  •  Women with a wide forehead can comb the front of their hair forward or use it easily by cutting / cutting a small laughter. A properly cut laugh will suit your short hair.
  •  Hair wrap, which we usually see in long hairstyles, can be easily applied to short hairstyles. Just leave a pinch long on the back or side of your hair. With colored threads, you can get a beautiful look by wrapping the long part of your hair.
  •  Another alternative for women with short hair is to use your hair by blow dryer. Blow dryers can greatly damage your hair in extreme use. However, you can use the occasional blow dryer on your hair that you wash regularly every day.

Strengthen Your Hair with Natural Ways: Olive Oil Cure for short hair

It is one of the most natural solutions for increasing the nourishment and durability of your hair with many vitamins (mainly E, A, D, K vitamins) in olive oil. Olive oil, which increases the durability of your hair, prevents dandruff when the material is applied to the ends of the hair as well as to the bottom of the hair, renews your cells and prevents your hair from falling out and allows you to have more durable hair. Olive oil can be applied to hair very easily.

  • It is up to you to use warm or cold olive oil. If you are going to use lukewarm, you should heat up the olive oil for 30 seconds.
  • You can use olive oil by heating or heating it in a bowl, dip your fingertips into the bowl and draw circular movements. The massage applied with olive oil softens your hair bottoms and increases your blood circulation and provides strengthening of your hair.
  •  Continue to massage the olive oil, which you apply with the diploma to the ends of your hair. After continuing this process for 15 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo.

Short Hair Cut Recommendations And Models

Since we have provided enough information about care suggestions for short hair, I would like to give some ideas to female friends who are thinking of making cuts by sharing some pictures about hairstyles.

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