Round, triangle and long face shape

Are you looking for sample designs that fit your model? If yes, continue reading. At the end of our article you can choose the hair model that is the most suitable for you from among the wonderful knob models. The first one is a pair of shorts and sneakers, the dog to walk or to the market, the second type of shaky people going to the market is no doubt wedding dresses, usually we have seen the invitation of the elegant ladies who have completed their evening dresses. In daily life, it is very easy to make a bun from above and continue to life. But what we are going to talk about is the stylish knob models that are not very useful in everyday life but are difficult to carry on special days.

round triangular and long face

! What a ball is, I won’t make it in life! ”Do not say. You can be a very elegant woman with the right clothes and the right makeup. You may be the person who feels special and different, and even dazzling from the most striking elegance in your surroundings. Especially women who trust in the facial beauty, the hair will reveal your face. You can finish your combo by decorating small accessories.

round triangular and long face shape

Knob Models By Face Shape

When choosing the top hairstyle, we have to make choices according to the shape of the face as in the other hairstyles. Here are tips on knob models that will suit you according to your shape of the face;


  • Round face : If you have a round face model, you can make high-volume knobs up to the top, and you’ll have a nice look. We should take care not to curl the hair to be left at the sides. The curl will support the roundness of your face and will show more round. What we have to do is to cut the hair upright.

Bun hairstyles

  • Small-faced women, while choosing a bun, not a tight bun style, a more comfortable and more fluffy hair is required to choose a hairstyle.

Bun hairstyles according

  • Triangle face: Triangle face type of women’s hairstyle when choosing a hairstyle is the subject to be a slight height at the top of the neck is to create a fullness. The knobs coming out of the neck shave the triangle of the face when viewed from the opposite side and allow you to have a beautiful appearance.

Bun hairstyles according to

  • Knob models for long face type: Ladies with long face type should give volume from the side and press down the top part slightly. Thus, the long face is balanced and we have a beautiful view.

Bun hairstyles according to round

So let’s talk about which skin color, which is suitable for the hair style of the bun. Women with dark skin colors can choose a bun, which is tightly gathered from above. women with light skin color should prefer the bun model where the hair comes to the sides more comfortable and fluffy, even with a few knitting models.

Bun hairstyles according to round, triangular

As we said, the stylish bun hairstyles are a special hair style that they do in their lives. Before making a decision about these hairstyles , there is absolutely no need for a preliminary investigation. Don’t say the top hairstyle doesn’t suit me. You will not believe how much the hair changes you with a bun made with the clues and suggestions mentioned above.

Bun hairstyles according to round, triangular and

Wonderful Knob Models

I think I’ve given you all the information and tips you could have about knob models . Now it’s time to make a selection from dozens of bun hairstyles. Below you can see the bun hairstyles we have chosen for you. If you are particularly interested in knob models and need more information, I  suggest you read my article about the hair styles that I wrote . If you have any questions / suggestions please comment. I’m gonna try to answer my time.

Bun hairstyles according to round, triangular and long

round triangular and long

round triangular and long

Bun hairstyles according to round, triangular and long face

Bun hairstyles according to round, triangular and long face

Bun hairstyles according to round, triangular and long face shape

Bun hairstyles according to round, triangular and long face shape



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