Prepare for Summer With the Pedicure Program

Summer and bare feet – a dream come true! Spring seems to be over, so you don’t have much time before the real summer arrives and you put on your open-toe shoes. Before doing this, it is absolutely necessary to do a pedicure program. As is well known, the beautiful pedicure was not a must in the previous cold months, and therefore the feet have become a little neglected. You should get your feet and toenails on the ball in a hurry. Our team has created an entire professional program so that you can conjure up a breathtaking pedicure for your feet in no time at all.


For optimal foot care in home conditions, it is important to have the right pedicure set. We have put together a detailed list for this:

  • Basin where you can dip both of your feet;
  • Towels;
  • Water (hot);
  • Soap;
  • Epsom salt;
  • Toenail clippers;
  • Nail file;
  • Nail buffer;
  • Cuticle pusher;
  • Cuticle cutter;
  • electric foot file;
  • Exfoliating cream;
  • Moisturizer;


The first step in our pedicure program is the foot bath. On the one hand it serves to relax tired feet, on the other hand it ensures that the skin and toenails become softer. If you don’t have any special bath additives, you can use a pool. Now fill the basin with hot soapy water, add Epsom salt. Soak the feet for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, towel dry one of your feet and leave the other foot in the water while you work on the next 3 steps. Trim your toenails carefully. File the toenails with a nail file, being careful not to make the toenails too small. Use the nail buffer to smooth the surface of the nails. Now switch feet and repeat the previous 3 steps. After that, dry both feet and remove the cuticles. Take an exfoliating cream and put some cream on your feet, then rinse your feet with the soapy water in the basin and dry them. Now move on to the routine of removing the callus with the electric foot file and then rinsing it. Ultimately comes the most enjoyable part. Cream your feet with a moisturizer and massage. Last but not least, choose one of our beautiful toenail designs for summer and give your pedicure the finishing touch.



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