Practical methods to remove dark nail polish

Although dark nail polishes look great on the nail, they are difficult when it comes to removing. Many women avoid applying dark nail polish. Are you wondering how to clean these nail polishes, which are much more difficult to remove from the nail than other nail polishes and leave a dark shadow? It can be extremely stubborn, especially when removing red, burgundy and black nail polishes.

Although you try to wipe it several times with the help of cotton and acetone, you can still see the remains and traces. Moreover, when trying to remove your nails wear and dry. After removing these nail polishes, applying a light nail polish is also a very bad result. Are you ready to remove dark nail polishes in the right way to get rid of all these problems?

How To Remove Dark Nail Polish?

Remove the nail polish with the help of cotton and acetone without hitting your nails too much. You will then prefer more natural materials to remove residues and shade from the edges. Here are the materials you need for this;

  • 2 cups of warm water
  • 2 tablespoons carbonate
  • A wide bowl

After selecting a large bowl to fit both hands, pour 2 glasses of warm water into the bowl. Then add 2 food lover carbonate and mix well. Soak your nails in water and leave for about 5 minutes.

After holding, you can see that there are no residues left on the edges of the nail, and no darkness allowed. In addition to this method, a toothbrush that you do not use can also be used to gently remove any residue left on the edges of the nail.

What Are The Other Methods Of Getting Rid Of Dark Nail Polish?

Many people get much better results with cotton socks instead of cotton. You can remove nail polishes by pouring acetone into your socks which you do not use at home. In this way, your nail nail polish without leaving any trace.

Before applying dark nail polish to your nails, apply nail protector or transparent shine to your nails and carry them to your flesh. Then apply dark nail polish. So it will be much easier to remove your nail polish. Another method is to remove the acetone cotton after a few minutes in your fingers. This way you can remove your dark nail polish without any trace.

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