Practical methods for permanent nail polish

The beauty of hands is extremely important for women. It is possible to provide this beauty with groomed hands as well as nail polishes. One of the biggest problems for women who love to use different nail polishes is that they come out quickly. If you want your nail polish to be more permanent and durable during the day, we have great suggestions for you.

How does nail polish last longer?

If your nail polish loses its shine the next day and starts to come out of the corners, you need advice to be permanent. The first thing you can do is apply nail care before applying nail polish. You should do a good manicure for that. The surface of your nails should be smooth and free from cuticles. If your cuticles begin to appear in a short time and affect the appearance of the nail polish, then a good manicure is not done. If your nails peel, break quickly, hard and dry nail polish can not be expected to be permanent. In this respect, you should pay attention to nail care.

You can use a base before the nail polish to make your nail polish more permanent. However, some nail polish should be applied twice as some thick. In this respect, you should be careful to apply all layers. Coarse base and nail polish swells and peel off very easily. After applying nail polish, you can apply a protective nail polish or transparent nail polish to keep the color brighter. If you pull a horizontal strip on the nail tips as a top coat after the nail polish and the preservative, the nail tips are less peeled off. The nail polish you are wearing is suitable for wearing out in a short time. In this respect, you should take care not to contact hot water or chemicals within 12 hours after you apply your nail polish. You can use gloves if you have to enter hot water. Cuticle at the edges of the nail causes the nail polish to look bad.

It is important that the nail polish you use is sufficient in terms of permanence. You should not use defective nail polishes that you use for a long time. These nail polishes both damage your nails and not permanent. Be sure to use high-quality permanent nail polish. Light colored nail polish is much more successful in terms of permanence. If you are traveling, you can increase the permanence by choosing light colors instead of dark colors.

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