No Bathroom Hair Day This Year: The Most Beautiful Hairstyle Trends in 2021

A hairstyle can tell so much about a person. For example, their haircut can say a lot about how they are doing. New hairstyles are also often an indicator of a change in life, for example when you start a new job or have just ended a relationship. Hair is important to us and so that you can keep up with the times with your head of hair this year, we have summarized the most beautiful hairstyle trends for 2021 for you at this point. Who knows, maybe your next dream hairstyle is already included in the text.


The hair on your head is arguably the most important accessory you have. Your complete look depends on the hairstyle. In addition, a well-fitting hairstyle gives you more self-confidence. You don’t even have to be afraid of gray hair anymore. Either color it in your natural color or you can opt for a more unusual shade that goes with the trend hairstyles of the year. Here is a great selection of beautiful hair colors. Of course, you can also stand by the gray highlights. Incidentally, gray is still trendy.


This hair trend is not tied to hair length like many other hairstyles. Mainly the choppy cut means that the top hair is cut very layered and the hair ends look frayed. The name Choppy, which translates as “hacked” or “chopped off”, somehow suggests something like that. The trend is suitable for all hair types. If you have a narrow face, you should opt for a shorter basic hairstyle. With a round face, the hair can be longer.The Most Beautiful Hairstyle Trends in 2021 (1)


This hairstyle is especially suitable for women who just don’t want to waste time in the morning. This look always fits, because it is conjured up in no time at all. This is a bob trimmed to length with no steps. With hair gel, you simply put the hair back on the head. Whether you go to the office with it or spend a night on the dance floor, the Gelly Bob is always a quick and good choice.

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Not just for fairies, the pixie cut

Obviously, short hairstyles are very trendy this year, because the so-called pixie cut is also making the rounds and is not the last short hairstyle on our list. The sides and the back of the head are trimmed fairly short. The top hair stays longer and is either parted or rubbed in all possible directions. However, you shouldn’t wear the cut too short, as it no longer looks so cheeky depending on the shape of the head. Every four to six weeks should be touched up.


The bowl cut, or bowl cut, was particularly popular in the 1960s when it was created by star hairdresser Vidal Sassoon. In the 90s, the hairstyle was unfortunately degraded to the unpopular children’s hairstyle. In the meantime, however, the pot cut is back in fashion and is quite popular with models and influencers.


We come to the longer hair. Since the corona pandemic has made it difficult for us to go on vacation in recent months and visits to the beach have been a rarity, the beach feeling has to come up with the hair. The hair is matted with special products such as gels and salt sprays. When you have natural waves, that is your advantage. Otherwise you can of course help out. The end result is a natural look that looks almost effortless.


Ponies probably never go out of style either, they just change in length. This year the pony will be worn longer again. With the so-called French bangs, the tips of the hair end approximately at the level of the cheekbones. The hair is parted in the middle for a great curtain look.


This is also a cut that is suitable for all hair and face types. With no steps, the hair is simply cut straight all around. At the back they can optionally be left a little longer, but this is not a must. To ensure that the cut always looks accurate, it should be trimmed every few weeks.


A cut for the very brave: The mullet is back and is currently being rocked by a lot of stars. The best example is Miley Cyrus. In the hairstyle, the top hair is cut shorter than the hair on the back of the head. How much does courage decide?


The ponytail as a hairstyle had never really gone out of style. If you don’t have a lot of time to style your hairstyle, you need the ponytail. However, we are already a little fed up with the classic See why we now have a new twist for you that also makes the pony tail the trend of the year. Spice up the ponytail with accessories. Use flashy clips or scrunchies to give the hairstyle a different twist.

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