Natural Remedy for Broken Nails: Indian Oil Care

Coconut oil, which has come to the fore with its numerous benefits, serves as a great care oil for nails. If your nails break quickly, if it becomes hard and dry, you can strengthen it with regular coconut oil and make it look healthier. With this method, which can be easily applied in every season, you can overcome all problems in your nails and achieve a healthy nail appearance.

Effect Of Coconut Oil On Nails

Especially during the winter months, both hands and nails are damaged by the effect of hard and dry weather. When you care for your hands, you should not miss the nail care. Bad weather can cause hardening of the cuticles, thinning the nails and breaking them quickly, and even causing problems such as nail fungus. As coconut oil has a moisturizing effect, it eliminates all the problems in your nails.

How Is Coconut Oil Applied To The Nail?

If you have fungal infection in your nails, you can apply tea nails and coconut oil by mixing them. In this way, the bacteria disappear and the fungus passes quickly. Because coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties, you also prevent fungus formation. Especially if you have a job with your hands or if you are exposed to chemicals, it is a good idea to do regular maintenance with this oil. After heating these two oils in a small bowl, you should feed them until your nails absorb the oil. You can apply by gently massaging.

Natural Solution For Weak And Quickly Broken Nails

If your nails are thin, broken in the slightest impact or split into two, you can strengthen and thicken with this method. Melt 2 tablespoons coconut in a bowl. While warm, add a few drops of rosemary oil in it. And leave your nails in this mixture for 10-15 minutes. After waiting you can gently massage. Then rinse your hands with warm water. If you do this care every night before bedtime, you can see that your nails are stronger than ever. This method will also make your nails brighter and whiter. Of course, when applying the oil nail polish is also useful to pay attention to.

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