Most Popular Fast Hair Hacks: 7 Easy Hairstyles for Lazy People and Late Sleepers

You don’t feel like going up a boring ponytail, but you don’t have time to stand still for ages in the mineral spring and conjure up a beautiful haircut? To make you feel exhilarated, there are a couple of hairstyle styles that transform a completely disheveled mane into a chic haircut in just a few simple steps. Because with no rest, divisible by two in the morning or on expired days, nobody can change our hair fast enough. Afterwards we will pull out seven great late riser hairstyles for you that really everyone can do!

1. Fully trendy and quickly made: That half bun

That half bun is irreversibly the trend hairstyle of the year – and not only among hipsters. In addition, it is still super easy and made in no time at all. Easily loosen the top section of hair and tie it in a small bun. This can look messy and, depending on which one you like better, be tied at the top of the head or very low. You can now fix the minimal topknot with a couple of bobby pins so that it stays in place.

2. We’ll get the hang of it afterwards: The spiral

The spiral is the perfect haircut for all those who cannot change their clothes quickly enough in the morning. And in combination with cool statement earrings, the spiral looks incredibly chic. Comb your hair effortlessly and combine a deep ponytail at the back of your head. Then twist in the braid, in which center fold it up once and let it twist in itself. You can pin the ends with bobby pins. Finished!

3. Absolute eye-catcher: That loop

The same haircut makes an irreversible impression – but it is done in a few minutes. Tendon-like muscle skin your outer hair on the back of your head in two braids Then tap each braid with a loop of hair or your fingers and with these words always tap the upper one with the lower one. The whole thing works with just one braid or even with three braids, and if you like, you can also braid your entire hair. That loop rarely looks cool when you pull out individual strands for the typical messy look.

4. Fast and easy: That messy topknot

Your hair is standing still on the next day and no time for an elaborate one? Then tie your hair together like a loose messy bun. That messy topknot is all the rage again, pull out a few individual strands for the perfect sofa look.

So it really doesn’t get any easier! Tie the hair in Undone Voller Elan in a loose pigtail like a grease on the neck. Do not cling the hair tie at the top of the head, but at the tips below. Best of all, you don’t even have to decide whether you want to wear your hair unprotected or tied up.

6. Bring the hair ties: that bubble braid

That classic among the late riser hairstyles is irreversibly what ponytail. In favor of all those for whom which braid is too slack, now comes which bubble braid! Very easy to style and the perfect haircut to stay in the reservoir for a few minutes longer in the morning. Braid your hair into a pigtail as if it were lubricated and “interrupt” it with hair ties. You can combine a high or low braid, although a sideways look looks great. And although the instruction and quantity of which hair ties are with these words entirely up to you.

7. Yesterday was not very exciting! That braided plait differently

Braids are always an eye-catcher. If you can’t move it fast enough, you should try out which messy version of a half-braided braid, because the cool half-half version is ready in a few minutes: sinew-like muscle skin your hair together into a ponytail. That braid can sit high or low – it doesn’t matter. Now braid a short part of your hair and fix the braid with a hair tie. Of course, you can only tie the top hair together and wear the rest of the hair unprotected.


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