Microblading for Beautiful and Thick Eyebrows: Advantages & Disadvantages 2021

To shape the eyebrows daily and to expose them with a pencil, or to move to the cosmetic studio once a week … If you find these dead pants, you’ve come to the right place! In this fee we introduce you to microblading! The modern technology, which has recently become extremely popular, really puts permanent make-up on the eyebrows – like a shaping burning tattoo! It is suitable for everyone who naturally or through too much plucking results in very thin eyebrows. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this method, is it painful, how deep does which consequence take and what is the price? You will find a response to these and other important questions below!


Microblading for eyebrows is so popular today because the technology looks very natural and mimics the fine hairs that burn. It’s really about a Japanese method, c / o which the shading is not engraved under which skin, as is the case with classic permanent make-up. Instead, a hand-held device with small needles (blades) is used, with which the skin is easily scratched. The lines are very similar in shape, shade and length to the hair of natural eyebrows. In addition, this professional microblading combines artificial hairs in cool and warm tones to get a cool 3D consistency. The method is effective both for small repairs and for a completely new model of the eyebrows. And the best thing in this case is that this lasts about 3 years! You can then move back to the beauty salon to repeat the procedure. Sounds great, doesn’t it?


The technology is not only useful for people with thin eyebrows, but also for those who want to fill in gaps in their natural burns or who suffer from hair loss. For the benefit of people who are very active in sport, this microblading is a good troubleshooting solution, since in this case there is no risk of the eyebrows c / o sport beyond this face. With this you can of course also save the time in front of the mirror for casting and exposing which eyebrows. Unfortunately, the method is unsuitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, because the hormones during this period can undesirably change the color of the stings. Diabetics, people with blood clotting disorders or those who have skin with birthmarks in the scope of the eyebrows should also avoid it. Unless your skin has a strong, red undertone, the stitches can quickly turn red.


Microblading has both advantages and also some disadvantages, and here we try to illustrate these for a short time. On whichever side the microblading result is water- and smudge-proof. Accordingly, even under extreme conditions, your eyebrows will remain perfect. If you want to save yourself the same make-up pace in the morning, you can also opt for this technology. And this result looks quite natural – especially if you microblading professionally c / o a trained beautician.There are also some risks here – during which treatment you may feel slight pain because the shading is scratched under the top layer of skin. It is also possible that over time you will develop a reddish or blue undertone. And after a maximum of three years, you should repeat the procedure. Allergic reactions are not impossible, so we recommend that you do a test beforehand.


The values ​​for microblading vary depending on the desired healing method. The modeling of the entire eyebrows can cost between 350 and 650 euros (the post-treatment is also included). In Germany there are special microblading studios in the largest cities such as the capital of Germany, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Cologne. And how the healing process itself works, you can do it here!


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