Marbling and Marble Patterned Quotes How to make?

Nail art, meaning nail art, has become much more diverse lately. The marble pattern and marbling pattern, which is popular in all areas from decoration to fashion, are now on the rise in the nail art world. If you like to see different shapes on your nails, you may have marble and marbling nails. How Does? Here is marbling and marble patterned nail making.

Before making any designs with nail art, do not forget to make a manicure. You can also use pseudonyms to make the patterns look better. Long nails are also ideal for these patterns to remain stylish. Let’s make these patterns.

Marble Patterned Nail Making

You can use several different methods for marble patterned nails, also called marble nails. You can easily create marble pattern using sponge. Besides sponge, you can use bag and marbling technique.

First of all, you need to decide which colors to create the marble pattern. Gray and black tones are generally preferred. First, apply white nail polish to your nails to create the floor. Then drip gray nail polish onto the sponge and stain with a small touch on the nail. Then take the black nail polish with a fine brush and draw the marble veins making small lines. After reaching the marble pattern, you should apply a polisher and increase the permanence of the nail polish.

Marble pattern made with sachet requires the sponge stage to be made with sachet. You can easily make gray or black stain appearance with the bag. Try to create random stains that are not overworked to give the appearance of marble.

Ebru Patterned Nail Making

Another nail art shape is the marbling pattern. To do this, first place water into a bowl and drop a drop of nail polish into the water. You can also combine several colors.

Then mix the color of toothpicks and nail polish as in the art of marbling and shape. After this process, put your hand over the nails. Leave for a few minutes and then take your fingers out of the water. With toothpicks you can clean the nail polish around your fingers. You can increase the permanence by applying protective nail polish.

Patterned Nail Art Samples

Here are the most beautiful marbling and marble patterned nail art samples we selected for you .

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