“Kururinpe” can be confused for a while! How to make simple hair arrangement

Good morning! Beauty salon of Omotesando Eri, Morimoto “fiorista” It is.

Recently, as seen below in the photo, you often see a person who has arranged a “Kururimpa” wool by adjusting that hair that connects from this top of the gum along with big hurting arrangements. Even the upper volume has lost itself Often they are not in fashion silhouettes.

Today, “Add further time” Non … you add a series add,  “Kururinbe” arranged with a sense for each ghost  Even will import a method that you can transform yourself into.

So you are fashionable! Lightweight to witness “Kururinpabu” wool

First of all, as you can see in this drawing,  which Kururin part of the center is cracked and packed  , it is this condition in which this background is visual.

To avoid this, especially from Kururimpa condition, only small amount is lower the status of Verhüterli, he gives a volume drawer above the wool one after and while holding the knot.

It is a counter to clear after and after!

Upwards she way thus obtains the drop shadow irregularities towards this top, it looks more three-dimensional.

Subordinated if it is blocked, I will import another upgrade method!

Either right or sinister is in systematics, so I’ll Einsiedeln again. That’s it!

Verhüterli can not be hidden by this first Kururinpu himself, although in this second coming lymph the rubber knot itself can be hidden, and the feeling of emergence will be up!

Although it is very effortless, it brings even fashion and comfort to unite flared pants, it’s a quick switch to a fashion expert! Please try it.

(Hair arrangement that was wrapped twice).


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