Inverse Balayage: The Perfect Winter Hairstyle for Blondes 2021

Sun-kissed hair in the warm season, more depth and saturation in winter: With this dyeing technique, hair not only looks natural, but also a lot fresher.

That warm season, how much we want him back! Hot days, sultry nights, sun-kissed sausage skin, freckles and beach waves: so much looks relaxed, airy and naturally glamorous in the warm season! Secondly, the hair takes on a lighter, warmer tone. For the paler winter skin, however, a few highlights between blondes are primarily good. You can easily turn this classic balayage around. So what dyeing technique quickly becomes so-called “fallayage”.Umgekehrte Balayage 2021

The word is made up of “facts” (autumn) and “balayage” and describes a type of hair that is provided with very natural highlight effects. We have loved balayage for years, very warm and un … That natural look comes from the hands-free technology between which hairdresser “paints” the strands on the mat.

Fallayage & balayage: which is which difference?

The dyeing technique is the same in both cases, but the colors are different. For which classic balayage is used cool tones? As a thought pattern, a blonde mane would be spiced up with platinum blonde strands.Umgekehrte Balayage

The fallayage, on the other hand, lives from warm undertones that make this mat look sun-kissed, but still look full. Honey blonde, copper tones and strawberry blonde belong to these colors. In this respect, the fallayage is also perfect for autumn and winter: The warm nuances complement the paler complexion and create a tiny part of life in the gray treadmill.

Women who have a cooler skin color and who are bloodless all year round should still watch and use “ashier” brown instead of warm tones.

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