Important tips to shape the kasha


Eyebrow correction is a necessary process for everyone, because the change can be really amazing. The eyebrows are like the frame of our eyes. An accurate eyebrow shape can light your face and reveal your eyes. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to seek help from a professional before reaching for tweezers. You must stay true to your natural eyebrows because you cannot give a different shape to your eyebrows, no matter how much tweezers you use. Some eyebrows appear as bow, while others are in a straight line and we should pay attention to these differences when shaping eyebrows.

I’m gonna tell you two more tricks. First, more bushy eyebrows always show younger, really! That’s why I don’t suggest you go overboard when you buy the eyebrow. If you already have a lot of eyebrows to camouflage in the future, you will benefit from the makeup solutions that we will share. Second, don’t go fashion! Fashion is constantly changing and you’ll be trapped in the shape of an eyebrow that doesn’t really go to your face. In summary, we must always treat the eyebrows according to our face and elongation.

There are three materials we need; tweezers, eyebrow brush and small scissors.


In general, the eyebrows are longer than they appear because the color of the tip opens and begins to curl. By shortening the eyebrows, this color transition and curl will disappear, so they enter a cleaner look. To apply this procedure, brush your eyebrows upward with a brush and cut the scissors from the top of your eyebrow. Then continue scanning the same process downwards, this time not to cross the underscore. You’ll notice that your face is now smoother and more compact


Now it’s time to handle tweezers. The best time to get a brow is after a steam bath. You will feel less pain because your pores will open. Do not forget to take advantage of daylight. Always use tweezers towards the exit of the eyebrows. Pulling in the opposite direction may damage the hair sac, so your eyebrows may not come out properly. If you have congenital bushy eyebrows, do not take them like pencils. Make sure your face needs more bushy eyebrows. Just scan and shape and don’t take more than your eyebrows.

When using tweezers, it is very difficult to take two eyebrows evenly, because the human face is asymmetrical and the eyebrows do not come out in the same way. When taking eyebrows with tweezers to add a more symmetrical look to the eyebrows there is always a right to work to the left. Moving by changing the eyebrows will help you to master the tweezers and how much you should use.


1. Hold any pen perpendicular to your nose. Mark the point of your eyebrows (you can also use the eyebrow pencil). This is where your eyebrow should begin.

2. Hold the pen so that it comes through your eyebrow and passes through your pupil. The point that touches your eyebrow should be the place where the spring is up. You can give a nice bow shape if you take your eyebrow from the point where you started.

3. Again, put the pen on your nostril, this time out of the eye and out of the eye, and mark the place where it comes. This is the ideal spot for the end of the eyebrow. Briefly, take your eyebrows to finalize it.

Tip: Do  not touch them for at least a month or two to remove the non-lush eyebrows. In addition, there are also suitable products in the market to remove eyebrows. Do not hesitate to research and ask your professional.

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