How to make up your hair?

Of course, everything in your body moves in harmony. Even a black line you draw into your eyes is included in this harmony. You appreciate that the black pen draw is not suitable for every eye shape. How every hairstyle does not fit all face shapes. Similarly, makeup can be included in this subject. Do not say what hair has to do with hair, first of all, your hair reflects your face, then make-up hair with your face. For example, you can apply your daily makeup to your everyday hair, but you cannot apply the same makeup when you have your hair done, because it will become dull and your face will not be obvious. What I’m saying is, there’s no balance between your hair and your face.


Applying all the makeup in a single hairstyle will damage both your skin and your excess. The important thing is to choose the make-up that suits your hair and then apply the make-up to your face when it is dark. All non-organic, non-organic, make-up materials damage the skin. It is in your hands to minimize this loss. You should avoid an exaggerated makeup. If you have the opportunity, you should go for organic make-up products or you can make up your own make-up using natural products in your home. We will also touch on this topic in future articles. 

If you use a hair in your hair, you must first emphasize your eyes. You can use eye pencil to highlight your eyes. If you want to emphasize your eyelashes after using the eye pencil – it should preferably be emphasized – you can complete your eye makeup using mascara. It is recommended to use mascara if your eyelashes are not long enough. Of course, long eyelashes can also use mascara to complement their eyelashes with their eyes. The more important your eyes are, the more important your lips are. Women with this hair style are recommended to use matte colors (red and burgundy) on their lips. Your eyes and lips put your face in harmony with your hair.

Women with raised and wavy hair should not hesitate to emphasize their eyes. A simple eye liner is not enough for this hair style. Generally, it is very appropriate for women to attract eyeliner in the form of cat. To make your eyes full, you can do the shaded eye makeup called ”smokey eye Göz. You can then apply mascara to clarify your lashes. For your lips nude shades of lipstick will be enough to use. In this way, without exaggeration, you will have the most suitable makeup for your hair.

To make shaded eye make-up:
* First you need to make your eyes clear with the eye pencil. 
* Then you need to select the color of the eye shadow you want to use and you need to have a two tone.
* You should use your eye pen and blending your mouse. It is preferable to distribute evenly, the eyeliner should not be too dense. 
* You need to do illuminator application under your eyebrows. 
* With the area where your eyelid starts, you must apply the dark color of the headlamp color you choose with the condition of V in the area under your eyebrow. 
* Finally, you 
need to soften the colors with the help of your finger to distribute all the colors evenly.

If your hair is folded, that is, if you have a folded hair, you can adjust your skin color according to your hair using very little foundation. In this hair style, you should bring your cheeks to the forefront. You can use the blush if you wish. The issue you should be aware of; blush It is enough to apply a light lipstick to your lips. Finally, you can use headlights in different colors to add a different look to your eyes.

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