How to make natural makeup? Making of natural makeup at home


Carcinogenic substances have been identified in many of the makeup materials you have entrusted to your skin and beauty (this majority is 99%). The brands you hear most are in this category. On the one hand you should avoid using materials that will make your skin look sick while you get a nice look. This is a difficult situation. Brands that you trust so far actually hurt your skin. Well, isn’t that the solution to make-up? No, if you know a little bit about organic products – which can be researched – you can make your own make-up materials. Those who do not want to make their own make-up organic research on the internetbe able to get acquainted with and start buying those brands. Brands selling organic products are more expensive than other brands. However, your skin is priceless. If you wish you can make your own make-up at home or you can buy organic make-up materials from the internet. If you are against the consumer society, you can try to produce at home. An important issue about makeup; you must do skin care before doing makeup. With rose water you can clean your skin comfortably.

Make Your Own Makeup Materials at

Home When you start to make your own make-up at home, you can get away from the consumption society and promise health to your skin. You can understand the value of what you have before you lose, not after you lose them. Your skin is one of the priceless things you have. When you’re filled with carcinogenic substances, make a change and produce your own organic make-up.

Natural Lipstick Making

First of all, let’s note what are the materials needed to make a natural lipstick. 

* 1 tablespoon honey wax or petroleum jelly 
* 1 teaspoon glycerin 
* 1 teaspoon red food coloring (you can use in other colors.) 
* A small container (can be stopped lipstick) 
* teaspoons and teaspoon 
* 1 teaspoon vanilla 
* full of water coffee machine (we will benefit from the steam) 
First, Vaseline is taken into a small container. It is allowed to melt with the steam of the coffee machine. Glycerin, vanilla, food color is added into the melted vaseline. You should mix this mixture thoroughly. The molten mixture is placed in the small container where the lipstick is to be found. The waiting mixture in the refrigerator for 10 minutes becomes a natural lipstick and is ready to use.

Natural Foundation

Fondöten also needs to be sensitive to the skin to catch the tone that is closest to you.

* Maranta starch or corn starch 
* Cocoa powder 
* Finely ground cinnamon 
* To have an intense foundation: Essential oil or vodka 
* To have a liquid foundation: Body lotion

Take the maranta starch or cornstarch into a bowl. Then add cocoa powder and cinnamon. You should not miss too much cocoa powder. Keep adding until you have a ton of skin suitable for your skin. You can use the brush as it will be a foundation for dust during application. 
For a dense foundation, add a volatile oil or some vodka to the powder mixture. 
For a liquid foundation, you can add a little bit of your body lotion to the powder mix. 
Take care not to move away from your skin tone when making both mixes.

Natural Eyeliner Making

As the eye and its surroundings are sensitive, it is healthier to make your own eyeliner.

* Coconut oil 
* Small amount of activated charcoal 
* Cocoa powder 
* A slightly damp brush

After obtaining a slightly moist brush, you can mix the activated charcoal and cocoa powder to get the Eyeliner. You can use it as Eyeliner or dipliner according to your brush size. The issue you should be aware of; This mixture should not come into your eyes.

Of course you can make many more make-up materials at home. We will keep sharing as long as you request. You can easily make and apply the main makeup materials according to these recipes.

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