How Do White Spots Go on Nail?

Many people have white spots on their nails. These stains can occur for various reasons. Inadequate food intake and vitamin deficiency can lead to nail staining. If you have white spots and you are not satisfied with this look of your nails, we have searched for the solution of white spots for you.

Why White Spots On Nail

If you are eating irregularly and do not consume foods containing the vitamins your body needs, white spots may appear on your nails. Some people appear as a small spot on a single nail, while others appear larger and larger. Small stains grow day by day. If these spots are formed, you should consume zinc-containing foods to prevent them from growing. Especially zinc deficiency causes these stains to form. Zinc-rich cabbage, liver, nuts, cheese and eggs by consuming foods such as you can avoid these stains. You can also take zinc supplements in consultation with your doctor.

Zinc stains are not the only cause of nail stains. Many nail spots are caused by thyroid gland disorders. If you do not have thyroid disease, you should check with a specialist. Low blood levels can also cause these spots to form.

So how do these spots go?

You can prevent these stains by adding zinc-containing foods to your diet. If you don’t have zinc deficiency, you may need to take minerals like magnesium or selenium. Eating regularly, avoiding shock diets may be the solution for these spots.

If you have recently started using a medication and the blemish has started to form, the stains on your nails may also be caused by the medication you are using. You can avoid this by consulting your doctor.

It is not possible to remove the white spots on the nails by external interventions. You can remove these stains by applying internal treatment. In this respect, it is of no use to try to get rid of white spots by applying various nail treatments. You can review your diet, start consuming healthy foods that you do not consume, you can take supplementary vitamins in consultation with your doctor and avoid making unhealthy diets. If all these regulations do not disappear with white spots, you should definitely go through a health screening. If there are no spots due to vitamin deficiency, you should consider the possibility of another disease.

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