Hairstyle Trends in Autumn 2021: This is How we Wear Our Hair Now!

It doesn’t always have to be a new cut or a new color to give our mane a new look. Sometimes it is enough just to style the hair differently. The hot summer days when we prefer to wear our hair out are over. Time for new, great hairstyles that go well with cuddly sweaters and autumn coats.

Do you need a little inspiration? No problem. Here are the 5 most beautiful hairstyle trends for fall 2020!

# 1: Parted Bangs

Très chic: We copied this hairstyle trend some time ago from French women who are known for their casual “undone” looks. Instead of an ordinary, straight-cut pony, the Parisian fashion bloggers consciously wear their pony a little longer. Super easy to style and perfect for anyone who wants to grow their bangs long.

With the “French Hair” look, the bangs reach roughly to the cheekbones and are parted in the middle so that the hair does not fall into the eyes. The best thing about this hairstyle trend: it works on both straight and wavy hair. The cut doesn’t matter either. Whether with the popular long bob, with medium-length or long hair: the extra-long bangs provide that certain something for every hair length and make the hairstyle look super casual and stylish.

Tip: Secure the parted bangs on the sides with a bit of texturizing spray or hairspray to keep everything in place. You can also style the bangs together with the rest of your hair into soft beach waves, giving them more hold.

# 2: Sleek Hair With a Center Parting

Everyone with fine, straight hair should be happy about this hairstyle trend in autumn. Volume and fullness are not necessary for this look. The sleek hair trend is all about keeping your hair straight and parted neatly in the middle. The mane is tucked behind the ears on the sides. With Sleek Hair, strands that fall out loosely are completely dispensed with, because it is precisely what makes the hairstyle look so elegant and serious.

You can find even more hairstyles that make you look more serious here.

If you like, you can pin the hairstyle with elegant hair clips or fancy bobby pins. Eye-catching earrings also come into their own with sleek hair.

Tip: You can smooth down small, unruly hairs with a little hairspray at the end.

# 3: Loops in Hair Are In

It gets a little playful and romantic with hairstyle trend no. 3. Because in autumn we swap our boring hair ties for elegant hair bows. Bows in a satin look are particularly popular. A nice trend for everyone who rarely wears their hair open in everyday life.

A lot of talent and time for styling are not necessary for this hairstyle trend: The pretty ribbons pimp even the simplest looks, such as ponytails, messy or half buns. Incidentally, hair bows with an integrated elastic cord are particularly practical.

# 4: Soft Waves Remain a Trend

Wavy hair will not go out of style for the time being. Especially fine, flat hair benefit from the soft waves, because they conjure up movement and fullness in the hair. In addition, you don’t need a lot of skill for styling, because the hairstyle lives from its imperfection. Especially when the waves are not evenly thick or curved, the look is successful.

In the video we show you two variants with which you can recreate Beach Waves at home. Once with a normal curling iron and once with an automatic curler.

Our tip: after curling, put some texture or salt water spray into your hair and knead it in. That way the waves come out even better.

# 5: Elegant & Serious: Low Buns

This hairstyle trend puts an end to bad hair days in the office with immediate effect. The low bun brings even the most stubborn mane into shape and succeeds in a flash. The hair is tied in a neat ponytail at the nape of the neck for the low-set bun. Then the braid is twisted into a bun and fastened with bobby pins or a scrunchie (here in a practical 3-pack from Asos *). Finished!

Styling tip: As with the sleek hair look, the low-bun eye-catcher earrings come into their own.


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  • Posted: March 20, 2021 02:25


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