Hair Care How do You Protect Your Hair in Summer?

Summer is here and your soul longs for sun, sea, beach, relaxation and recreation, or in other words, you dream of enjoying the sunny days and warm nights to the fullest. Whether lying under the sun, swimming in the sea or just splashing in the pool, your hair is exposed to stress. Sun, salt and chlorinated water, wind – all of these factors have a powerful effect on hair. The hair’s natural moisture is withdrawn and it becomes dull, dull, brittle and straggly. For this reason, it is very important to properly protect your hair from the risk factors in summer. We’ll tell you the secret behind well-groomed hair and the steps of proper hair care to have a flawless mane on the beach.



The UV rays have a dangerous effect not only on the skin, but also on the hair. To properly protect your hair, you should wear a sun hat all day. This will protect it from tearing, loss of color and drying out.


The summer heat leads to an increase in the sebum production of the scalp and to increased sweating, which causes the hair to become soiled quickly. Wash your hair regularly to remove any residual chlorine, sand, and salt. The trick for healthy hair is to only wash with lukewarm water in summer. For shiny hair, use gentle and nourishing hair care products that have been specially developed for the summer season and give the hair moisture and freshness.

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For extra protection and shiny hair, rub in damp hair products like oil and massage the scalp. The recommended hair care products for this time of year contain aloe vera, keratin, mint and panthenol because they are the best products if we are striving for long-term hair refreshment.

Tip 4: cut your hair regularly

This does not mean changing haircuts, but cutting off the torn and damaged hair, thus bringing your hair to life.

Tip 5: Lower the number of cosmetic treatments – hair dye

The heat of the sun and rays strain your hair enough that you don’t evaporate it anymore when you change hair colors every month. The dyed hair always needs greater hair care, so use special hair care products that recover every hair.

Tip 6: use a coarse comb for combing

For maximum hair care, use a coarse comb that makes combing easier and is gentle on the hair.

Tip 7: Blow dry your hair with cold air

The high temperatures and strong rays of the sun put a lot of strain on your hair, so you don’t put extra stress on it when you blow-dry it. Dry on the lowest setting.

Tip 8: the best hairstyle for the beach

For those windy days on the beach, braid your hair because when the sand hits the hair it will damage the surface of the hair. A simple braid can be a real savior for your hair, so this hairstyle is the best for summer.

Tip 9: healthy eating

The healthy lifestyle affects the whole body, so you can take care of your hair, skin and nails with a delicious healthy menu.

Tip 10: drink plenty of water

All hair consists of around 15% water, but in summer the hair evaporates quickly. To avoid this, drink plenty of water. Drinking water has a health effect on the whole body.

The right hair care is very important, absolutely recommendable and despite good care for the hair in summer. Markus Herman – the president of the German branch of the international hairdressing network Intercoiffure in London, said: “On the one hand the sun exposure, on the other hand the salt water. The worst thing is the combination of both. ”Healthy and shiny hair in the summer season is not a myth, but it is very easy to achieve if you have the knowledge of how to care for your hair.

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