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Hair thickness is between 0.02mm and 0.04mm. A blonde scalp contains much more dense hair than crimson or dark. I hear my sparse haired women say I wish we were blond. A strand of hair is as strong as an iron of the same thickness as itself.

The scalp has an average of 100,000 hairs. Between 40 and 100 hair loss per day is interpreted as normal. The hair is about 1cm per month. Of course, it depends on the person, age, diet. The average life of a healthy hair strand is 2-6 years. If you want to have hair up to my waist, this process can take up to 6 years.

Find out more about Long Hair Care

Find out more about Long Hair Care

The right vitamins are very important in hair care. For example, if you have vitamin A deficiency in your hair, your hair will become brittle and will start producing bran. Vitamin B1 or B6 deficiency causes hair loss. Vitamin C stimulates the hair and regulates the hair follicles. Vitamin B12 nourishes the hair follicles.

Poor quality combs and edge sharp buckles can damage your hair. Fractures are caused by hard brushing. Especially when the hair is wet. Fractures gradually spread out and disrupt hair growth.

When it comes to hair care, we can resemble hair to silk. What do you pay attention to when washing silk clothes? While doing the same hair care we need to show the care while washing the silk. The water temperature flowing directly from the tap when washing our hair is ideal. Because hot water melts the natural oil at the bottom of the hair. This natural oil makes your hair look shiny. So leave this fat in your head. In addition, hot water softens the hair strand and makes the hair unprotected against external factors. I’m not saying I don’t use hot water, I wash my hair with hot water. But as I said, hot water ensures that hair and skin are softened and free from external influences.

Find out more about Long Hair Care 3

Scan or brush your hair before showering. Thus, you are aligned with your hair strands and prevent them from mixing during the wash so you do not need to scan after washing. The shampoo is for cleansing the hair but it should be used in the right amount. The excess of shampoo is harmful to the hair. Shampoo should take a runny al. If you start to bubble, you have used enough shampoo, you don’t need more. Make sure all the shampoo in your hair is gone while you’re stopping.

There are certain products for hair care. Shampoo, care products, hair oil and beautiful combs. Lubricating hair is a good way to protect hair from root to tip. Jojoba, coconut, sweet almond oil are the most nutritious and most preferred. First wash your hair. After proper drying, scan properly. Take two drops of oil in the palm of your hand and spread it in your palm. Then apply this oil to the portion of your hair that is below the ear lobe. Do not apply it to your scalp. The fat applied to the scalp will disrupt the PH balance of the hair. Drive gently and slowly until you are sure that all the oil in your hand is fed to your hair.

It is best to wash the hair twice a week. When washing your hair, shake it aside. Do not wash by collecting to the top of your hair. To dry, first wrap your hair in a towel and hold it that way. Then dry it with a dryer. If your home is warm enough, release it to dry naturally.

Last but not least, the important point is that you choose the appropriate care product for you. Someone’s best shampoo may not be suitable for you. For this, if you take your products from trial lengths, you will not waste your money.

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