Facial Toner: The Latest Cosmetic Product for Clean and Healthy Skin

Certainly everyone who has not yet given birth dreams of a clean and healthy complexion. In contrast, a lot of maintenance is required for healthy skin without imperfections – at least twice a day. In this case, we often neglect our beauty routine – mainly because of a lack of time. To make us feel high, the beauty industry surprises us with new cosmetic products that are tried and tested on our hectic treadmill. One of them is secondary toner face and in this commitment you routinely the entirety of it! Below we explain to you what a facial toner is, how it can be used and whether you can make the product yourself at home. Keep your lecture!


That new excess cosmetic product or a real miracle weapon in the fight against the unclean skin? There are different opinions left over Toner Face, and where is the truth you can judge for yourself after reading our membership fee. That facial toner is practically an important part of the beauty routine of these Korean women who are familial around the world for their pure, maskless skin. In addition to the peelings, sheet masks and essences, the toner is used regularly for a shiny complexion. And what is practically this facial toner? It is practically about a body fluid, alcohol, water or gel base, which is applied straight to the face after this cleansing. You might be wondering why you need this toner when you’ve already washed your face. The result is simple – when you wash, the make-up and dirt are not completely removed. To that extent you need the toner – to fully clean the pores.


The use of a face toner is practically super lightweight. Wash the skin normally and pat it dry with a soft cloth. Apply some facial toner to a cotton swab and rub it gently against your skin – circular movements are the preferred approach. Let the toner soak in for a while, and apply a moisturizing cream. Now you can continue with your makeup! In this case, there are facial toners that are enriched with valuable ingredients such as eucaliptys, peppermint or aloe vera and can help with various skin problems – blackheads, pimples, dry or oily skin, pigment spots … For this reason, when you choose a facial toner, you should always consider your own skin type. If you have sensitive skin, avoid products that contain alcohol, salicylic acid, parabens and other aggressive substances. Lecture on the composition of this packaging before buying a product. Choose the one that is the preferred solution for your skin.


Many people mistake toner for toner, but there is an important difference between the two products. The facial toner is intended for each cleansing, while this facial toner should only be used after this cleansing. It is an intermediate step in the context of this facial care – after this cleaning of this hat and before applying this cream. The toners have the following advantages:

1. You explant the remains of dirt and make-up that are not completely washed off as part of this facial cleansing;
2. Shrink the pores and thus contribute to a fine complexion and clear, even complexion;
3. If the pH values ​​of these pelts are sufficient, they make the peel less weak for inflammation and impurities;
4. Improve the effectiveness of these other skin care products – after applying toner, your skin will penetrate better;
5. Soothe the skin and no longer relieve redness and irritation.


Toner face is very easy to produce secondarily at home. Here we open up a super easy recipe that you can obey to save some money on expensive cosmetic products. Our idea for a toner is with witch hazel – a plant that closes large pores, and aloe vera, which has a moisturizing effect and soothes the irritated skin. Here is a linked list of those ingredients:

2 tbsp aloe vera juice
4 tbsp witch hazel
a few drops of essential oil of your choice
Stop mixing the ingredients smoothly and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. That toner is already ready!

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