Eyes Bigger Make-up: Helpful Tips and Examples 2021

Eyes are the window to the soul – this seasoned judgment is connected with the idea that they are one of the most beautiful parts of the body. The eyes can speak without words and convey mood and feelings. Would you like to make your gaze even more impressive? In this case you are right here! Here we show you how you can … make your eyes bigger in just a few steps. Let yourself be inspired and follow our tips! We hope you enjoy your lecture!


Bigger eyes Make-up is really very easy. As promised, in this fee we show you a few effective make-up techniques to achieve the desired result. Because open and bigger eyes look much more alert, younger and more attractive! Our make-up tips are simply ideal for women with deep-set eyes. As a result, the disadvantages of this eye shape can be concealed. In addition, our photos show subordinate examples of successful eye make-up and can be used as a model.


You don’t know if your eyes are drooping? Then you should answer a few questions. At the beginning: Are your moveable eyelids visible or which skin above is cloudy? Do you have a slight drooping eyelid? If so, you are likely causing deep-set eyes. To be absolutely sure, you can do the following: look at yourself in the mirror and mentally draw a line through the center of each eye. If the outer corners of your eyes are at the same height, then all of our tips can be of help.

How to apply makeup for deep-set eyes: instructions

Applying makeup properly to eyes is really not a complicated problem. All women who want a great, shiny and magnetic look can benefit from our tips. Our examples and make-up instructions are just as suitable for every eye shape.
In order to make your eyes bigger, you should first prepare the eyelids. To do this, first apply moisturizing cream and then eyeshadow primer to the upper and lower eyelids. This way, you can prevent the smearing of eyeshadows. Here we recommend that you apply the make-up with your eyes open. This is the best way to take responsibility for where the natural wrinkle of the eyelid is.


Like next, you should draw eyeshadow to scale on the upper eyelid. Outlaw that they are visually subordinate to living with the Oculus open. Here we recommend that you use matte eyeshadow. The shimmering shades are not well suited to the upper lid because they reflect the light. But if you want to bother the consideration of your drooping eyelids, you can highlight the inner corner of the eye, the lower edge of the eye, as well as the movable lid with glitter. Examples of this can be found under our photos.


What is the next step pace when drawing to scale by Kajal. Here we recommend using white kohl because it opens your eyes and makes you look more alert. Colors like mouse gray, brown and coal are very well suited for this.


Expose your lashes with mascara. Here it is best to opt for a waterproof mascara that gives the lashes more volume. Since the lashes often touch the browbones with drooping eyelids, mascara should be avoided. If you wish, you can use eyeliner as a secondary feature. For the ladies with deep-set eyes, this is a bit of a challenge, because with this eye shape it is neither lightweight nor easy to combine ideal eyeliner. Here we recommend you to apply the eyeliner very thinly, not starting from the outer corner of your eye.
It is also a good idea to apply make-up to the “false” crease of the eyelid, which is higher up against the upper eyelid. You can use kajal with glitter for this purpose. In contrast, a good right of first refusal are the liquid eyeshadow shadows with a thin brush.
You can find more tips on how to visually enhance your eyes here.



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