Eye Bags Remove and Explant Without Surgery – Helpful Tips

Bags under the eyes are a cosmetic problem that many people suffer from. They admittedly have nothing to do with tears because of their displeasure with their name. An unhealthy and stressful lifestyle, the progressive guy, little sleep or, like clockwork, a night of partying are among the most common reasons for this. The puffiness under the lower eyelid, combined with dark circles under the eyes, looks unhealthy and does so in an unaesthetic way upwards. Enough with that for this reason, we tell you in this product how you can cover it up with make-up and explant for longer periods – without surgery! We hope the information below is useful and we hope you enjoy your lecture!

How are bags under the eyes made?

Bags under the eyes give every face a tired and sad look. In this respect, it is worth trying to cover them up and explant for upwards. In effect, the area under the eyes swells when that lymph flow is out of balance. There are many reasons for this. To the above we can add smoking, alcoholism, vitamin deficiencies and illnesses. As a result, lard collects under that skin and the unsightly swellings arise. For older people they look like clockwork, because the connective tissue and muscles in this area wear out over time. At this core, they are rarely heavyweight to explant – you can just cover them up with makeup or opt for surgery. For younger people it is admittedly much easier and below we show the ladies how they can quickly remove the ugly bags under the eyes.


Before you start applying make-up, you should clean your face thoroughly and use a moisturizer. After it is completely absorbed, apply make-up as you would at home. In this case, you only wear make-up on the upper lid. Leave that area under the lower eyelid bare.

Next you should entrust the concealer to the bags under the eyes. Use this to dab gently in the area of ​​the inner corner of the eye and simply under the eyes. Let the concealer flatten slightly towards the sides. Its coloring should only be a little lighter than your natural skin tone. For dark circles, you can use a slightly yellowish shade.

Finally, you can either apply a sub-surface all over your face, the small amount of tarry stool your complexion is, or spice up the area under the eyes with shiny eyeshadow. And done!


If you want to separate the problem upwards, firstly, a healthy lifestyle should result. The most important thing is to treat yourself to good sleep in moderation – no less than 7 postpone payment periods per night. In fact, don’t forget to drink fluids in moderation. 2-3 liters of water per day are indispensable, because sometimes bags under the eyes even develop due to dehydration. In this case, we recommend that you refrain from sweetened juices and lemonades and especially alcohol in large quantities. It is best to replace them with water and unsweetened tea. For any good circulation, that body needs oxygen gas. Enough for this reason, we recommend more sporting activities and walks outdoors, in that fresh air. You should even ventilate your home and your job in moderation.


The following little tricks can even help against bags under the eyes: before applying make-up, cuddle two chilled teaspoons up the area under the eyes for a while. In this way the blood vessels shrink and the swelling becomes less noticeable. You can even pour hot water over two carrier bags of chamomile tea. After they have already cooled, place them upwards around the eyes for about 2 minutes. Chamomile has a calming effect and can reduce the pleasant puffiness. It even helps to rub a few drops of sesame oil into the problem area every night before bed. In an original way, you can gently massage the eye area with a cream color containing vitamin E. It is even advisable to sleep in a slightly opened window. So the risk of waking up with bags under your eyes is much lower.


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