Emphasize the lips

Red lips are the epitome of feminine beauty. But the perfect kissing mouth doesn’t always have to be made up in classic red tones. Lipsticks in fresh berry tones, delicate nude and rose tones or bright nuances of coral or rust red conjure up successful lip make-up, depending on the type. With professional equipment, high-quality lipsticks and the right technique, the curve of the lips is skillfully emphasized.


Women with narrow lips usually want more volume. You can do this with the right make-up technique. A lip primer prepares for the color. The lipstick lasts longer and does not deposit in small wrinkles. Then the lip contour is drawn with a lip liner or lip liner that matches the color of the lipstick. The paint is applied on the upper lip along the outer white contour line. The bulge of the heart and the middle of the lower lip are highlighted.

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On the lower lip, the contour is placed exactly on the red lip border. For a smooth transition, blend the lip color towards the center. The lip contour color should by no means be darker than the lipstick, as the dark color makes the mouth narrower. Then the lipstick is applied. Place some lip gloss in the middle and dab it in towards the outside. This ensures a glossy finish and conjures up a fuller kissable mouth. Dark colors are unsuitable. They make narrow lips look even smaller. Light pink tones, nude nuances or warm red tones give more volume.Emphasize the lips (1)

Sensual full lips harmonize perfectly with dark, matt nuances in red. The lip shape can be more strongly contoured by applying a masking cream in the appropriate skin tone around the lip contour. After applying the primer, the lip contour is precisely traced with the lipline. If you apply the lip color with a brush, you will achieve a more even result. If the color is applied with the lipstick, a lot of color adheres to the lip edge. Matte products are more beneficial, as a glossy lipstick or shiny lip gloss makes the mouth look more voluminous. Finally, gently dab off excess paint. A loose powder sets the lip color and extends the shelf life.


We use different lip colors depending on the occasion and mood. If you choose the shade to match the eyeshadow or nail polish, you will achieve a harmonious look. A lipstick color that is a shade or two darker than your own skin tone is ideal. Focuses on either the eyes or the lips. If the eyes and lips are emphasized intensely, the make-up looks overloaded. The lipstick can come into its own on beautiful and well-groomed lips. A care balm should be used regularly, as the sensitive skin in this area hardly contains any sebum glands.

Delicate nuances are ideal for light skin types. Cappuccino tones, a delicate pink or light coral harmonize with the complexion. Trendy berry tones, nuances of mauve and rose tones harmonize with medium-light skin types. If you have a tanned, darker complexion, you can use strong lip colors such as eggplant, purple red or chocolate brown tones. The company MAKEUP is passionate about beauty topics. The team discovers new trend products and gives tips for successful make-up and perfectly coordinated beauty care. On women will find a huge selection of lipsticks and other decorative cosmetics, perfumes and care products.Emphasize the lips (2)

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