Dry wholemeal and oily hair

Hi ladies; In this article, I will talk about the organic hair care treatments that you can easily do at home instead of the hair cures that you take out and pour dozens of money  . These cures are both cost-effective and do not contain chemicals to damage your hair, which is very useful cures. According to the problem in your hair, you can choose the two-week treatment of these cures, I definitely recommend you try.

First of all, this type of hair, which I will start with dry hair, is a type of hair that I have and that infuriates people. If you scan, bubble, blow up does not hold etc. For this type of hair, I will now tell you the cures. Here is the recipe of the cure I have applied at least once a week and I get very positive results:


First of all, according to your hair length (for this long hair, if it is shorter use less) 5- 6 tablespoons of pure olive oil in a coffee pot or in a small pan, but not heated a little bit to take care. Let’s apply warm olive oil with our fingers so that no hairs come to our hair. Then wrap our hair in a towel and wait about an hour. At the end of an hour, our hair will soften and moisten by absorbing the olive oil. After an hour, we should definitely rinse our hair thoroughly with water that is not too hot, because too hot water causes the moisture to be lost and hair dry. You will feel the difference after you rinse and dry your hair. Your hair will definitely look more moist and shiny.

Hair care treatments for dry, dandruff and oily hair

Hair care treatments for dry, dandruff and oily hair


Dandruff is a kind of skin disorder, but your head will become very uncomfortable with exfoliation. The way to get rid of this is very simple. The apple cider vinegar, which we all have in our house, will come to our rescue here. First of all, we add about a quarter of a cup of drinking water by adding a quarter of a cup of apple cider. For about an hour, I wrap a towel and hold my hair like this. Then again with very hot water, our hair is thoroughly focused. If you have a very dense dandruff, you can apply twice a week.

Hair care treatments for dry, dandruff and oily hair 1

Hair care treatments for dry, dandruff and oily hair 1


This type of hair is a kind of hair that needs to be washed continuously and soiled and lubricated very quickly. In order to get rid of this situation, we will prepare another cure by using our home materials. We need carbonates and vinegar. First of all, we add 4 cups of apple or grape vinegar to our 4 tablespoons carbonates and mix thoroughly until we get a thick consistency. When we get this thick consistency, we mix our mixture with our fingertips all over our scalp. After waiting for about 15 minutes, we focus our hair only on warm water. We should not use shampoo during rinsing otherwise shampoo will disrupt the ph balance of our hair and our cure will not work. You can apply this cure once a week to your hair.
dry ,wholemeal ,and, oily ,hair


If your hair breaks just like mine on your ends and it is late, then this cure is for you ladies! And it’s a cure that you can buy very cheaply without having to pour hundreds of pounds. First of all, let me tell you about the materials we need. You can buy cassia grass and almond oil from each stream and bemiks bulb from a pharmacy. And a tea cup of drinking water. Let’s go to our recipe now. We add a pinch of tea to our tea cup water and boil it like a mint boil. We’re watching the good shot of the Illyam, the water left after we look at us. We pour a bemiks bulb into this warm water and then add 1 teaspoon of almond oil and mix well. We expect this mixture are doing our scalp massage .Sonra applying only in our heads about half an hour stretch wrap film. After half an hour, you can wash your hair as usual. If you do once a week you will definitely have witnessed how this cure your hair grow faster after the first month.

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