Determination of hair color according to skin color

The most challenging issue is the choice of color for her hair. Although some people prefer to use in their natural color, most of us choose to use our hairs in different colors. Color selection is very important. Choosing the right color choice makes us look young and beautiful, and the wrong choice of color can make us look so old and pale. The most important issue we should pay attention to here is our skin color. First, we need to analyze our skin color. Your skin color may be white, wheat or brown. However, this does not mean that every white-skinned blonde hair, or every dark-skinned lady, will suit dark hair.

Determining hair color according to skin color 1

For example, white skin is separated in itself. You may have a white complexion with yellow tones, or a white skin close to pink. If you have white skin with pink color, the yellow hair will be very suitable for you and if you catch the right color, it will not be even understood. For women with this skin tone, yellowish yellow, ivory, or even platinum color will suit. At the same time, women who do not like to use yellow color are open auburn or the most popular color of recent periods can easily use cinnamon copper.

If we come to wheat skin color, undoubtedly, this skin color that fits most hair color is in brown tones. If your skin color is not too dark, a light brown will make you look pretty young. Even the baling between your hair will make you look more elegant. At the same time, this skin color is one of the most appropriate procedures are made. It appears to be quite cool in the ombre straight hair that will be applied to a light brown color. If you have a dark wheat skin, I don’t advise you to use light brown tones and this color shows you tired and lifeless. A dark red color will even add to your vitality. At the same time, it is the colors that are suitable for you in the chocolate-colored coffees with red colors.

Now, come on to our brunette ladies. Generally considered the most sexy skin, this skin color can be transformed into a goddess with the right hair color. This skin color, in which blue blacks suit a lot, should generally prefer dark hair and should never use a red color because the red color may make women of this skin color look very old. Close to black, chocolate-colored coffees are the colors that best fit your skin. I end up writing here and leave you with examples of hair color, so I hope our advice will help you find the right hair color. You can also get detailed information about other hairstyles and hair colors from our site  . So don’t forget to read our other articles. Now we continue with photos ..

Hair Color According To Skin Color

Determining hair color according to skin color

Determining hair color according to skin color 1

Determining hair color according to skin color 2

Determining hair color according to skin color 3

Determining hair color according to skin color 5

Determining hair color according to skin color 5

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