Dermaroller: The Beauty Tool for Wrinkles, Acne and Cellulite

Have you heard of dermaroller? The little roller, which is equipped with hundreds of tiny needles, is now a miracle cure for pinches, cellulite, scars and acne. It is applied openly to the sausage skin and the numerous small stitches work against a queue of different main problems. In this membership fee you will find out whatever further the effects and use of this little beauty tool, as well as how you can use it at home. We hope that the information desk below will help you. Have fun with your lecture!


Therapy with a dermaroller is also called micro needling. As already mentioned, it is about a roller mounted on a handle, which is equipped with 192 fine needles. Usually such are arranged in eight rows and their length is variable Рbetween 0.5 and 1.5 mm. The needles are made of medical steel. That little beauty tool can be bought for home use and used several times Рall you have to do is disinfect it well. The professional needle rollers are disposed of after their first use. In this case, there are scooters in different sizes that are not only suitable for that face, but also for other problem areas such as the pharynx, d̩collet̩, thighs or stomach.


Together with micro needling, the fine needles are moved further down the sausage skin so that they can penetrate the epidermis. The injury in this case is minimal and the sausage skin does not bleed, but only turns red. It stings a tiny part, nonetheless without being really painful. After a few treatments you will undoubtedly get used to it. All you have to do is control the compaction and result in the roll very gently continuing the sausage skin. Micro needling stimulates the natural repair mechanisms of the sausage skin and promotes blood circulation. Because as a result, the cells produce more hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastic fibers. In this way, the skin begins to look younger, shinier and healthier, the pimples, nicks and cellulite are reduced, the scars heal faster. In addition, after that therapy, the sausage skin absorbs care substances up to 90 percent better! This also makes the cosmetic products more effective.


If you plan to use the dermaroller at home, first of all, disinfect it well with alcohol. This is of great importance so that the therapy does not lead to infections. Your sausage skin has to be cleaned equally thoroughly. Use a gel or lotion and then apply a cream or serum – ideally with hyaluronic acid, collagen or vitamin carbon. Now gently push the dermaroller along the sausage skin in all directions. In this case you do not have to force yourself so that the therapy is not painful. Finally, you can again assign a serum or nourishing cream to the corresponding problem area. As already mentioned, after the micro needling, the sausage skin is prepared to absorb active ingredients, and the Beaty products have a stronger effect. After using it, clean the scooter with soap under running water and let it dry out completely.


Wounds and unhealed scars do not have to be explained with the beauty tool. Since the treated area becomes a little redder, we recommend that you use it on your face in the evening if possible. In this case it is possible – it is rare in the context of sensitive sausage skin that the redness is still visible the next day. Seen in this way, you can also do without the procedure if there is an important event on the next day for the paradigm. Two to three applications of the Dermaroller per week are completely sufficient. In addition to scars, acne, cellulite and wrinkles, micro needling also helps with sun damage, irregular pigmentation, bags under the eyes and stretch marks. For each of the best results, it is important to use cosmetic products that are specially designed for the specific problem area. The effect of the dermaroller is already visual after the first use. And after a few months your complexion will improve noticeably.



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