Coloring Hair Yourself Like a Pro: How-To & Helpful Tips 2021

Has your hair grown again and you can see the white roots? Or have you simply liked a new shade and you want to revitalize your cut? Then you are right here! In this membership fee we show you how you can dye your hair yourself. Our tips and the instruction manual, which you will find below, are simply perfect for the best of you, if you don’t have time to visit the hairdresser at the moment or just want to save some money. Follow our instructions and color your wool like a pro! We wish you a lot of fun and laurels!


When trying out a new hair color, first thing to do is to be certain whether it suits you. You can find some hints and useful tests in this regard here. Because the next thing is more correct whether you want a tint, intensive tint or permanent coloring. This difference in the middle is above all simple. While the tint disappears after 10 to 15 washes, the intensive tint lasts a little longer – between 25 and 30 hair washes. With this, the tint becomes lighter and lighter after each wash. The permanent coloration contains hydrogen peroxide, which removes the natural hair allspice from the hair. Enough for this reason, the artificial color molecules can stretch indefinitely in the wool. Although the tint in this core is really durable, it is as good as monthly. a new coloration is necessary because the hair grows out with a procedure.
We hereby recommend that you opt for a permanent coloring, only if you are absolutely sure that the tint would suit you well, or if you have already tried it out. If, on the other hand, you feel like experimenting, it is better to opt for a tint or an intensive tint that can be washed out.


And which one you can use for coloring – a lotion, cream or mousse. The lotions are liquid and you have to work quickly so that they don’t drip. In comparison, creams and mousses have a thick consistency. In principle, this is the easiest way to work with a mousse. It is identical to the styling foam and cannot drip or run. In addition, it can be entrusted simply in the back of the head and neck area, so it is simply ideal for beginners. In contrast to this, it is very important to function scientifically and to divide the wool into lots so that the tint is uniform everywhere.


It is very important to put off at least 48 payment before dyeing your hair not to wash it. With this you can pamper your mane with a care treatment a few days before coloring so that it can better consume the tint. Do not forget to do an allergy test the day before. How to do this is described in the instruction manual that you will find in the package of the hair dye. If the product irritates your sausage skin, you must absolutely avoid it!You should also be sure that the amount of hair dye is sufficient for the best of your mane. Unless your hair length is anything below your shoulders, it is best to buy two packs of it.


When it comes to coloring yourself, read the instructions for use of the hair dye carefully and listen carefully. To prevent stains while dyeing, place a towel on your shoulders. The stains on that sausage skin can be explanted with a damp cloth. Last but not least, you can use this to apply the facial contours and the radius behind the ears with a rub. In this way, the staining of that sausage skin can not least be avoided. Enough with those clothes you can explant the stains with hot water of 60+ quality. In contrast to this, you should know that, together with bleaching, the stains on textile goods will remain for the best of time and forever.
Apply the tint to dry, unwashed hair at equal intervals so that a thin play of light appears on the head. Now move sparingly so that the amount of product is sufficient. Then you have to listen to the instructions and wait a certain amount of time before completely washing the dishes with the hair dye.With this you can not only dye the wool completely, but not least create highlights or balayage yourself!



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