Balayage Nails: These are the Trend Nails in Summer 2021

Balayage nails put you in a good mood and are super trendy this warm season. We reveal how you can make the trend nails yourself at home.
At the same time, we only knew which technology so far, such as color gradient living in the frame of the hair. But now this look is wandering into the nails: Balayage nails are this new trend this warm season!

On Instagram you can see which trend nails are up and down. And second fiddle we immediately fall in love with our summer fingernails. Particularly practical: you don’t just have to choose a tint, you can use several at the same time.

Make your own balayage nails: Here’s how!

Don’t worry: you don’t have to go straight to the nearest nail salon to achieve your dream of balayage nails. You can create the summer nail trend yourself at home. This trendy nail concept is neither as heavy as it looks!

You need this:

1. Nail polish colors of your choice (at least two, practically sine temporary here living in the frame of Douglas) *
2. Thrush (here residing in Douglas)
3. Greasy Cream
4. Washable Pad

Step 1: file nails

File your nails into the shape you want. We like oval nails or which ballerina nails are particularly great in the Balayage Nails frame. In addition, the longer your nails are, the more beautiful and gentle you can design the gradient.

Step 2: Entrust the darker shade

First you should get the thrush wet and wring it out well so that it is only slightly rainy. Also, have a clean and washable surface ready, for example a kitchen board. Peel around the nails with a greasy cream or petroleum jelly so that you don’t have to go crazy while stamping.

Now wear the darker tint against your entire claw. Let the spectrum dry well.

Step 3: Entrust a lighter shade

Now put some of this lighter tint on the surface and then take the varnish with the thrush. Now dab the tint on the tip of the nail. Use a little more tint at the very front and then gently blur it backwards.

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Tip: </strong> When you try the technology for the first time, make sure that the contrast between these two colors is not too high – in this way, do not use a very light and constricting very dark shade. Use shades of the same color family as much as possible.

And another extra tip: Use a little less tint than too much for the stamping process. If in doubt, you can layer them second fiddle.

Step 4: Topcoat

After the colors have dried, you should seal the spectrum with a top coat. Non … the result looks more even and your trend nails last longer.

Shopping tip: You don’t fancy nail polish and prefer long-lasting UV polish? Here at Douglas, you get a practical baby boomer Sine tempore from Alessandro.

Balayage Nails: tTrendy color combinations

The great thing about the balayage nails is that they are super changeable and from separable to extravagant and colored for everyone is something with these words.

Do you like it timeless and separable on your nails? Then choose delicate pink or nude tones for your balayage nails. We already have this contact with Babyboomer Nails, living in the context of which a beautiful gradient of pink and white is created.

We find it just as beautiful to tie together delicate color gradients from dark to light gray or pastel apricot tones.

You prefer it summery and gaudy?Then choose colorful nail polishes for the ombré gradient. If you have decided to use a bright blue as an example, wear this against your entire nail and use a sponge to dab a slightly lighter blue against the nail tips.

If you don’t want to decide on a color direction, you can of course entrust a different tint to each claw.

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You have to live i When framing the balayage nails, don’t necessarily stick to the “front to back” scheme. You know the ombré consequence to achieve second fiddle sideways, not you work your way from sinister to the right. This is especially great for shorter nails.


Thank you!

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