Autumn Nail Polish Colors with New Trends

The best way to make your hands look beautiful is to wear beautiful nail polishes. If you’re a nail polish enthusiast, you’re looking forward to the wonderful autumn nail polish colors that are the trend in autumn. If you want to have colorful nails to accompany your combinations at home, at work, and wherever you go, you should first look at the autumn trends. This year’s most trendy autumn nail polish colors and different nail polish riding techniques.

Matte Colors

Matte nail polishes, which have been popular for the last few seasons, look more like autumn. You can get matte nail polishes of colors like brown, burgundy, nude or you can matt different colors using nail polish mattifier.

Pastel Shades

When autumn is mentioned, although dark tones come to mind first, soft, pastel tones always have a different place. Is this sweet subtle pastel colors will see abundantly this fall. Milk coffee, soft gray, powder pink, baby blue pastel tones, such as you already have the benefit. Especially colors such as light orange, baby baby yellow or baby blue may suit your autumn combinations.

Ombre Nail Polish

With Ombre nail polish, you can carry different colors on your nails. Especially yellow-orange-red shades can give a great autumn effect. You can easily apply this ombre nail polish technique yourself by using a sponge. After applying nail polishes in different colors on a surface, you can reach the ombre appearance by gently pressing on it with a sponge and then applying the sponge to your nails.

Black And White Effect

Black and white are popular in all seasons and every season. You can use these two colors which are never out of fashion in your nails in different ways. You can do in the form of French manicure, polka dots or lines can do. There is no better season than autumn to use on your black and white nails.

Dark Tones

Pastel colors as well as dark nail polishes are quite trend this fall. Especially burgundy, purple, dark blue, dark green, brown tones such as nails can bring coolluk. Compatible with many clothes and showing your hands more elegant than ever before makes these colors a must. If you are a dark nail polish enthusiast, it is a good idea to get different shades this autumn.

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