Applying Make-up to Brown Eyes: Impressive Ideas and Instructions

Brown is certainly the most common eye color, but the brown eyes have a special charm, and here we show you how you can skillfully make them up! Makeup for brown eyes is actually not difficult at all, but below you will find some helpful tips and tricks that will help you look stunning – both in everyday life and for special occasions. We hope you enjoy our ideas for brown eye make-up and hope you enjoy doing it!


The color of the eyes plays a crucial role when applying make-up and the make-up for brown eyes is different from that for green or blue eyes, for example. You undoubtedly know this fact from your own experience, which is why we offer you some helpful tips and ideas for putting on make-up for brown eyes that you can try for yourself! In the article you will learn which eyeshadow colors go well with the eye color brown, as well as how you can best emphasize your eyes so that they look beautiful and magnetic in the end. The brown eyes can be both lighter and darker, and the skin tone naturally also plays an important role. Plus, the makeup allows you to visually enlarge your eyes and even change their shape – to find out more, read on!


Warm and earthly tones, such as light orange, chocolate and golden brown, peach color, light pink, go well with eye color brown. However, the neutral eye shadow colors such as beige, coffee and sand are also good choices. These nuances are actually well suited both for everyday life and for special occasions. The warm tones will bring out your brown eyes best and make them dark, soft and even a bit mysterious. The combinations between warm eyeshadows for the upper and darker ones for the lower eyelids are particularly successful, and with those in metallic colors such as bronze, copper or silver, fascinating accents can be set in the corners of the eyes! For a glamorous look, you can also opt for certain make-up techniques such as smokey eyes (you can find out how to make such make-up yourself here). We recommend that you avoid the dark black and gray tones and instead use dark blue and purple – these colors can make your brown eyes shine! Other interesting eyeshadow colors that you can go for are turquoise, khaki, and anthracite. Red and yellow tones in particular should be avoided for brown eyes: reddish eyeshadows make the eye look inflamed, while yellow nuances are usually unnatural and do not go well with darker skin types. And what steps should you follow when applying makeup for brown eyes? Find out the answer below!


Before applying make-up, clean your face thoroughly with a cleansing gel and wear the foundation and light day cream as usual. The dark circles can be easily covered up with concealer. Choose from one or two eyeshadow colors, depending on your preferences and skin tone. You wear the lighter shade on the entire lid to under the brow, and the darker one – only on the movable lid. Put the darkest tones in the crease of the eyelid to accentuate the shape of the eyes. With a sponge or brush, try to slightly blur the transition between the two colors. With eyeliner, your brown eyes will look even more magnetic and seductive. Start to apply the eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye and draw the line to the outer corner of the eye, holding as close as possible to the lash line. Let the end of the eyeliner taper to a point and a little higher towards the eyebrow to open the eye. Finally, you should emphasize your lashes with mascara by moving the brush jaggedly from the roots to the tips of the lashes. Your eye make-up is already done!


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  • Posted: March 18, 2021 12:58

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