36+ Cool Tattoo Ideas: Celtic Symbols And Their Meanings 2021

For some time now, tattoos have become a huge trend – both among young people, as well as … among adults. Of course, this is not by chance – the “works” of body art not only look cool and stylish, but also have a personal impact. Hd. Their carrier. The tattoos are a way to show our individuality and that shaped the basis of the motifs. Here the symbols from foreign cultures are very popular because they seem romantic and inexplicable. In this membership fee, we introduce you to a few Celtic symbols and their meanings. Hd. Can create a tattoo. Take a look at our ideas and let yourself be inspired!


Celtic symbols and knots appear particularly mystical and inexplicable, so they are particularly popular as a tattoo motif. The ancient Celts practically had a highly developed culture, in which the oral tradition was the focus. So we have little evidence left of the complicated structure of their societies, but few symbols are preserved over time. This was possible mainly thanks to the Celtic works of art and jewelry that reached us. They are adorned with wonderful symbols, the information desks carry the life of the mysterious Celts.

Such tribes have lived in Central Europe and are mainly engaged in loading. They have many cities built and trade with the Greeks and Romans restless. Continuing their culture, we are particularly aware of the archaeological excavations in the context of which material artifacts are found. Yet Celtic symbols look beautiful and carry a profound influence, in so far as we’re making you prestigious with some of them below.


In which Celtic culture did that balance play a particularly large role – this is what so-called “knot of which eternal love”, which consists of five overturns, stands. The four outer circles stand still z. Hd. The elements of nature – water, air, fire and mother earth, and the fifth she balances. In this inner circle there is a kind of person who has a harmonious connection to nature. Like a tattoo motif, which knot of which eternal love symbolizes balance, inner calm and a harmonious bond with the partner. If you have met your great love, you can even get partner tattoos with the symbol.


This next symbol is the spiral – which stands e.g. Hd. Impulse and personal development. The spiral is really next to … z. That life itself, if this is interpreted as eternal change. That beginning of which spiral – in which center is z. Hd. The birth or the restart. And the spiral itself was perceived by the Celts as which way of life. Like a tattoo motif, the spiral is suitable for Hd. People who decide on the path of self-discovery.


The double spiral is a common symbol in Celtic mythology. She stands z. Hd. The relationship and transition between the opposites – good and bad, day and night, life and death, sinister and right. Such in motion are constantly in motion and limit each other reciprocally. This process of change brings people hope – afterwards every storm is followed by sunshine. It is no coincidence that the double spiral is the symbol of the Celtic goddess of the seasons – Epona. Like tattoo motif it is z. Hd. Volk tried to end an angle in your life divisible by two without remainder and launch a new one.


This symbol “Awen” is a stylized representation of fire – as three flames. Here is the right z. Hd. The male power output, the left – z. Hd. The feminine, and whatever unite in which third jack of hearts in which center. Like tattoo, Awen is proven z. Hd. People who are looking for balance afterwards and have still not found their great love.


Another important clay figure from which cletic mythology is the sign “Triskele” or Celtic sun wheel. It consists of three symmetrically arranged spirals and symbolizes the triad of which gods in which Celtic culture. Another influence of the symbol is related to the three dimensions of what time – past, now and future. Like Tatto, it is about enjoying the second – it is almost the entirety that we entail.

For more great Celtic symbols, see the pictures below!


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    Cool Tattoo Ideas 2021
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