20 Beautiful Balayage Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Are you looking for hairstyles for medium wool? Try balayage. Balayage wool is what a last shout. You can play around with colors until you find the one that works for you. While ombre hairs are the hands of those who want to blend bold, daring looks, balayage is a subtler and subtler way to add shade and versatility to your wool.

Whether you are in merging salon to blow hair out or hairdressing at home, there are many ways to bestow beautiful balayage tones on middle hairstyles. Balayage lends itself to the use of long lengths, but certainly looks very warm under elegant hairstyles for medium wool.

If you are nervous about getting too drastic, start with a subtle balayage. As you get bolder, you can play with different colors to merge more edgy look.

1. Choppy layers with dark brown balayage tones

There are many beautiful balayage hairstyles for medium wool. This bold and choppy cut is stylish with its tragically darker roots and much brighter tips. Start with a dark cooler and lightly bleach the ends.

This works great under a medium-length gash and you can add a texturizing product to a lot of volume and political movement.

Add some cool attempts for a cool mood.

2. Shiny, subtle balayage

This style goes well with a mid-angle bob with shorter shifting layers and longer layers that gently frame that face. Begin with deep maroon at the roots and add toffee brown at the ends to merge shiny, yet subtle, impression of beautiful balayage.

Try adding the ends and add Volumizer to give richness to this adorable cut.

3. Subtle waves with maroon balayage tones

This cut looks good to people with naturally wavy wool who want to merge carefree, wild look. Reddish browns blended with a chocolate brown are refined.

Of course if you add a few cool caramel highlights, you can make this style look chic and playful.

Dry your 2019 wool with a diffuser or dry it in air, do not crush your shafts and shake it off to merge to get a tousled, innocent look.

4. Sun Kissed, Cool Balayage

Z. Hd. Merge sensual summer look is the same sun-kissed Balayage super cool. It looks good with wavy or lively crinkled wool.

The lowlights let that natural brown wool burst, while the lighter and darker highlights merge to give a soft, sun-kissed look.

Those colors fit together perfectly and give your wool more depth.

20 Beautiful Balayage Hairstyles for Medium Hair

19 Beautiful Balayage Hairstyles for Medium Hair

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