16 Magical Tips for Putting on Make-up for Drooping Eyelids Over the Age of 50

The maxim is: from now on you have to beget more than before and not less. That is less important for the best of your figure. Let’s face it – we’re all smart enough to know that inconsolable makeup doesn’t make us look 20 years younger. Disgusting everything that the make-up advertisements claim, it depends on a simple fact of that science: our sausage skin ages.And while we know our way around the art of those anti-aging skin care techniques and products, we are less sure about our makeup up can help us look younger.

When it comes to make-up over 50, some of those taxes from your 20s and 30s no longer apply. Make up it should enhance your best qualities. Regardless of whether you want to minimize fine lines, reveal your eyes under the lids or make your sausage skin look healthy and radiant, some beauty tips will help you to make your eyes and sausage skin look younger.With a few simple makeup techniques, you can change your makeup routine and achieve a fresher, more revitalized look. And while we can’t roll back the clock (or your date of birth) forever for the best of you, we put a few magical tips on the best of make-up for the best of mature sausage skin and helpful make-up techniques for the best of drooping eyelids from 50 uff.


Eyes become the most attractive part of the face when you take good care of them. Every eye shape is magnificent – from almond eyes above round eyes to drooping eyelids. No matter what shape of those eyes you go after, if you beautify them well with some make-up, then it is quite remarkable. From the age of 50, or even from the age of 40, issues such as drooping eyelids become a problem for the nulliparous.The eyelids have always been an expression of the face, which was often made up and embellished. In addition to drooping eyelids, however, this eyelid is a problem area and it is no longer so smooth to use its full potential, which is a rarity between women over 50. With the right make-up techniques, you can look very beautiful and feminine, subordinate to mature age and one Effects arise that young women can neither nor radiate. We will reveal the secrets to the best of drooping eyelid make-up from 50!


Is this what your eyeshadows look like because they’d go away if you opened your eyes? If this is the seed core, you need to use these make-up techniques to make your eyes look magical.

Expose your eyebrows

Putting on eyebrows can be a real challenge, but with a few exercises you can become a pro. And that bottom line deserves it – when you pull the gaze up your eyebrows, your second is completely changed. We recommend using powdered eye shadow and not a liner pen and one.

Tint that matches your natural eyebrows.Use as little of the drop shadow as possible and make up your eyebrows with an angled brush. To make your detachments look as natural as possible, apply the drop shadow with short strokes. You can apply a line of white eyeshadow to the underside of your detachment to accentuate your eyebrows.

2. Concealer Take Your Duty

Choose a liquid concealer that holds the eye makeup better and lasts all day. Take something on a make-up sponge, dab lightly on the skin around the eyes and mix well. For the time being, demand a better turnover of goods from the lash line to under the brow.

3. Eyeliner right take responsibility

One of the biggest mistakes women with drooping eyelids make is applying eyeliner to the lower lash line. When you do this, your eyes will still look like rugs. If you ask for black eyeliner to be laced up on the upper lash line, your eyes can look wider. Apply gel eyeliner with a liner brush as it is much more precise.

You can secondarily try to earn the line as close to your top lash line as possible and earn it closer to the counter where you can’t see any space between your eyeshadow and your lashes. You can start with a very thin sausage skin near your tear duct and make the line wider and more pronounced the closer you get to the edge of your eye and the brown and blue drop shadow.

4. Make up Smokey properly



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