10 Ways to Style a Half up Half Down Bun in 2020

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Long Hair With a Twisted Bun

Selena Gomez looks great here and works with her half a half bun as a perfect contrast to her beautiful long curls. To restore this look with your long hair, add loose curls along the entire length of your hair.

Delicate Half up Half Down BunDelicate Half up Half Down Bun

Your bun doesn’t have to be big to be beautiful The wonderful Kendall Jenner proves above. To steal Kendall’s style, work loose waves in your hair. Take a thin area from the front and gently pull it back from your face. Transform yourself into a tight little bun and get yourself a cute look that’s ready for a red carpet too.

Messy Ombre BunMessy Ombre Bun

If you have beautiful ombre hair, sometimes the best way to show it off is by incorporating half a half bun hairstyle into the mix. Take your hair from a light brown hair to a beautiful blonde with the ombre transition. Keep your hair straight but slightly confuse it.

Blonde Space BunsBlonde Space Buns

Why do you have a bun when you can have two? This unique hairstyle is called space bun, and we believe the look is just a dream. Curl your hair loosely from top to bottom and work a middle in the style. Separate your hair into two sections at the front. Transform them independently into a bun on either side of your head, like adorable Mickey Mouse ears!

Knotted Bun With Loose WavesKnotted Bun With Loose Waves

This could be the case. Be our favorite half-up bun look from this collection. If you have long hair, this is perfect for you! Add lots of nice loose waves in your hair. Use your fingers to get a fantastic finish. Pull the front of the hair back to create a section at the top of the head. Twist it to create a knotted effect for the bun.

Brown to Blonde Balayage BunBrown to Blonde Balayage Bun

Balayage is a super trendy hair effect for the moment – so why not combine it with half a half down bun to make a double fashion statement? Color the ends of your beautiful brown hair like a light blonde. Add loose curls at the ends from half of the hair. Pull back the fringe and the upper part of the hair and fasten them at the back of the head into a messy knot.

White Blonde Bun With RingletsWhite Blonde Bun With Ringlets

Sometimes the half-height bun style works best for buns that are tight and smooth. Sometimes they look better when they’re deliberately worn out – as this lady proves. Opt for a beautiful white blonde shade anywhere in your locks. Add curls on the tips of your hair. Work the entire top section of the hair backwards and loosely in a messy half bun.

Bob With Half up Half Down BunBob With Half up Half Down Bun

Half up half down buns are not necessarily reserved for long hair. They also look special if you also have a bob style haircut! Make sure you add a lot of volume to your bob. Whether it’s curling or add volume to the fringe area and sweep it backwards. Loop the top section of hair through the hair loop to create this cute, half-up bun look.

Twisted Bright Blonde BunTwisted Bright Blonde Bun

In what it could be the loosest hairstyle, we just can’t get enough of this gorgeous blonde style. If your hair is a beautiful blonde, keep your hair straight and smooth. Cut it off with the top section of hair and bring it back. Twist the section round and round and fasten it to get that adorable twisted bun look.

Ruffled Hair With a High Bun

Quelle really brings a style to life – that’s why we just love this look. Renew yourself by having your long locks disheveled from top to bottom. Then scrape the front section of hair back and cut the hair off. Twist the hair into a bun shape and clip it directly on your head for a perfect end result.Ruffled Hair With a High Bun

Half half buns are not only super fashionable, but also incredibly practical as they scoop the hair off your face. Are you going to try this look for yourself?

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