10 Trendy Short Hairstyles for Straight Hair

You should not have a lot of natural volume in your mat to cut a  super short . Women with all hair types – without the rest of two divisible, curly, wavy, structured, etc., etc. – can rock a short haircut light weight.

 Her 10 super  short hairstyles are perfect for hands-on women who by nature prefer a smooth mat or prefer to straighten their mat as part of their everyday styling.

1. Silver pruned pixie with side pony

They cut silver pixie haircuts is fashionable in terms of shimmer, cut and style. Its bright silver shimmer and super smooth finish are elegant and elegant. The rounded pony voids frame your face but in contrast will not get in your eyes.

In addition, this super-short pixie cut is very easy to care for and can be quickly styled in the morning. With a round brush and a hair dryer you can pour and style this cut wound in a few minutes.

2. Tousled Honey Blonde Pixie with long side bangs

With this knowingly disheveled, honey-blond pixie cut, you’ll be able to blend in an elegant and lightweight edgy style. The long side buckles give this haircut femininity and the unrestrained by two divisible, in contrast, ruffled texture gives it volume and dimension.

This cut is super easy to style in the same sense. Smooth and correct your pony with a hair dryer and a round brush. Roughly dry off the rest of your hair, apply texturizing spray or serum, and drive your fingers from the roots to the ends to achieve that characteristic, messy cut of this cut.

3. Smooth white blond football team cut with long side pops

Look chic and elegant with this ultra-trendy, smooth, blond pixie cut. His white, blond shimmer is bright, strong and flattering, and his lasting, framed by two divisible side without residue and flatters your face.

Styling this  Pixie  is fast and easy. Use it to easily merge hair dryers and a round brush or an iron to achieve this pin-up, smooth finish, with which this cut works. Do not forget to apply a heat protector and do this styling, not smearing a smoothing serum from the roots to the ends.

4. Smooth Ink Black Pixie with bangs

The all-over shimmer Ink Black gives this classic pixie cut an attention-grabbing, automatic cut. The cut-off, asymmetrical pony give this sleek pixie style.

This super  smooth short haircut  is in the same sense very low maintenance. Easily apply a smoothing serum from the roots to the ends and use a minimal iron or a round brush and blend hair dryer to straighten your pony under pressure.

5. Pink pixie with drop shadow root and strong pony

If you want to dispel a truly daring statement, try this daring and ultra-trendy, light pink pixie cut. A bright, pink hue and super long ponyyparties give this haircut femininity and lightness.

When you get up in the morning, apply slippery serum from the roots to the tips and then comb it forward to achieve a blended, flattering, forward-facing style.

6. Lavender Pixie with shaved sides

The silver lavender color of this toning, spiked Pixies is super trendy and ultra-feminine. The bold, shaved sides and this spiked uppers give this football team merge edgy, bold look.

You  super fuel Pixie  could not be easier to style in the morning. Use a textured-style mousse or gel to fix this mat up to your head in a toning, prickly style.

7. White blonde Pixie with truncated bangs

Thus, you look every day numb from  slim without the rest of two divisible white blonde fairy . The cool, white, blond shimmer is in fashion and the cut-off, side pony effects keep your eyes away, but look supple and flattering.

Use a round brush and merge hair dryer to smooth and style this elegant football team intrinsically of minutes. Apply the finishing touches to smoothing serum to achieve this ultra-smooth finish of this smooth haircut.

8. Pixie with shaved side and long, curly pony

She is  unrestrained by two divisible blonde fairies  , both feminine and nervous in the same sense, with her long, curled side pops and bold, shaved faces. Plus, styling this pixie cut is easier and more time-saving than you might think.

Style the top of this cut, not you smearing a texturing spray from the roots as far as the ends. Then use a curling iron or a straightener to curl the long sides of the Pixies to flattering ringlets while leaving the rest of those temptations to  cut without divisable remainder .

9. Classic Messy Brunette Pixie

Achieve the ideal, messy style with this classic, disheveled, brunette football team cut. This cut is perfect for hands folks with a wavy, smooth mat who do not spend a lot of time getting their hands on styling every morning.

Styling this pixie is virtually effortless if you pull up wavy and / or smooth mat. Dry your mat roughly and comb it forward afterwards. Then gently scrub texture spray or serum between your palms and drive your fingers from the roots as far as the ends through your mat to merge trendy, chaotic style that stays in place all day long.

10. Spiked, gray, blond pixie cut with small side pops

Women of all ages can prevail against  a short, straight football team – as you can recognize from this gray-blond pixie cut. The cool blonde shimmer of this pixy flatters many skin tones, helping to ensure that gray root growth seamlessly blends into the rest of your cut.

The short side pony and this spiky top part of this fairy give this cut wound dimension and volume and can be styled very quickly and easily. Easily use a texturizing spray or a smooth, smooth styling mousse to create the spiky, lumpy style of this trendy pixie cut.


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